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Zilinsky Kraj
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By plane

Czech Airlines provide regular flights to Zilina from Prague . Transfers can be made from Bratislava airport on the number 61 bus to Bratislava main train station (Bratislava Hlavna Stanica). After that by train to Zilina.

By train

Direct trains from Prague, Warsaw, Moscow, and Bratislava. Trains can be caught from Bratislava main train station (Bratislava Hlavna Stanica) approximately every one to one and a half hours. The approximate fare for this trip is 10 €.
From Prague (Hlavni Nadrazi) trains run each day. The journey takes just over 5 hours, terminating at Zilina. This costs around 600 Czech Koruna.

By bus

From some towns in Czech Republic, Poland or Slovakia could be easier to catch bus than train or it adds additional connection.

By car

There are 3 european roads crossing in Zilina. Road E75 from Bratislava to Zilina as highway D1. Road E50 from Brno continues to Kosice as highway D1. Road E442 from Olomouc.

Key places to visit
Holy Trinity Cathedral, Budatin Castle, PovaZske Museum in Zilina, PovaZske Museum in Zilina, Marianske Square


Places to Visit

Holy Trinity Cathedral

Cathedral of the Holy Trinity is a Roman Catholic parish church in the historical city of Zilina . It is a significant monument on the border conservation area. Located on the eastern edge of the historical center, the Square A. Hlinka , the Wall Street Upper.Since 2008 , the church became a cathedral in the terminology of the Roman Catholic Church. It diocesan church of the Diocese of Zilina . The church was built around 1400 . The most likely near and partly on the present site of the church - was from 13 century castle of South Carolina , which we have written reports from 1318 until 1454 . Construction of the church for the first time mentioned as early as 1423 , even if dedicated to the Virgin Mary

Budatin Castle

Budatín Castle is located in Zilina district of Budatín , at the confluence of the rivers Vah and Kysuca . It is preserved and made available to the public. Housed in it PovaZske museum .It originated as a castle guard in the second half of the 13th century . Built on a rocky promontory on the strategically important place, a ford at the confluence of the Vah and Kysuce where levying duty . Meaning Castle showed off the massive fortifications. Basis of the castle was a massive circular residential tower in stone fortifications that preserved today in the layout and creates a distinctive silhouette Budatín castle. Originally a royal fortress won the early 14th century Matus Cak . With its concept of defense and discharges related to fortification towers and defensive walls and construction of residential space in the palace walls. With the exception of the southern defensive perimeter wall is still lock.

PovaZske Museum in Zilina

PovaZske Museum in Zilina is a regional museum located in Budatin . The exhibition is focused on the history of Slovak art and culture.Initiative for the establishment of the museum have invaded in the 20th the 20th century. In 1940 he was in the village of Long Pole unveiled the first public exhibition in the world Drotarska. The origins of the museum in 1942 caused the then Mayor Vojtech Hard and Museum titled City Museum housed in the old town hall. Since 1948 the museum moved to Budatín castle and in 1956 opened to their first exposure. In 1976 the museum became independent from PovaZska art gallery , which is currently located on the Square A. Hlinka in Liverpool.The museum also stands out for its publishing activities.

PovaZska Gallery of Art

PovaZska Art Gallery is a gallery in Zilina to Square A. Hlinka .Established in 1976 from self-employment PovaZske Museum . Trade shows are content focused on contemporary art. On the building is a plaque that commemorates the exhibition of painters in 1903 . In 2008 the building underwent renovation, which dealt with the disposition of the attic, roof and external façade treatment

Church of St. George

Church of St. George in Trnovo is Roman Catholic wooden church in Zilina district of spinous . It is the westernmost localized sacral building in Slovakia.

Marianske Square

Marianske Square is a square in the historical city of Zilina.Downtown was in 1987 the Slovak National Council declared the urban conservation area , which consists of Marianske square square measuring approximately 100 x 100 m, nine alleys by it, and a further twelve streets that form a circle around the square.Marianske Square is typical of their houses, which are extended to the floor arcades and spaces created underneath archway , popularly called "Laube" . They have shops and craftsmen worked there. Houses are still preserved the original, Gothic cellars. Establishment of the square dates from the year 1300 . All houses have the fire in 1886 and gabled roofs. These are now using the city of Zilina renewed. At present, the square part of the pedestrian zone in the city and held a variety of events here. During the summer the whole square is surrounded by terraces.

Right Time to Visit

May - September


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