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Zaporizhia Oblast
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By Air

Zaporizhia International Airport (IATA: OZH, ICAO: UKDE) is the international airport that serves Zaporizhia, Ukraine one of three airfields around the city.The aircraft engine factory Motor Sich has its base here.Finally, Motor Sich Airlines operate one daily flight to and from Kiev.A one-way ticket costs around $100.

By Train

Zaporozhia is around 10 hours away from Kiev via train.There is one daily departure and several night trains heading in both directions.The journey costs around £30 for third class or £56 second class.If you buy tickets locally, the price will be $10 and $15 respectively, but you will have to buy them several days in advance, or risk that the train could be sold out.There are also daily trains from Moscow, Minsk, Simferopol, and Kharkov.

By Ferries

Two river ports connect Kiev to Kherson and cutter boats travel between Zaporizhia and nearby villages.The city's sole airport includes both domestic and international flights.

Key places to visit
Island of Khortytsia, Zaporozhian Cossacks, Bulgakov Museum, Waxworks Museum


Places to Visit

Island of Khortytsia

Is located in the geographical center of the city.The city embraces the island by banks of the New and Old Dnieper streams.Two concrete bridges connect the Island to the city.They have been designed and constructed by the engineer Boris N.Preobrazhensky in 1952.Two level bridges have height about 54 meters.High level of the bridges is intended for rail and bottom – for cars and pedestrians.

Zaporozhian Cossacks

Were Cossacks who lived beyond the rapids of the Dnieper river, the land also known as the Great Meadow in Central Ukraine.Today most of its territory is flooded by the waters of Kakhovka Reservoir.It is not clear when the first Cossacks communities on the Lower Dnipro began to form, however in early September 1990 the People's Movement of Ukraine organized a festival in the region to the 500 Anniversary of the Zaporizhian Cossackdom.

Bulgakov Museum

The memorial museum to Bulgakov was founded in 1989 as part of the State Museum, and just two years later on the centenary of his birth its doors opened up to the public. Today the legendary house has become one of the most famous buildings to reside on 13 Andreyevsky Spusk and it has been given the name of ‘Turbins House’ after the essay titled ‘At Turbins’. Anatoly Petrovich Konchakovsky, founder and director of the memorial museum, laid the foundation for the combined and priceless heirlooms generously donated by relatives and friends.

Waxworks Museum

By now most people have heard of the ever-impressive collection of waxworks figures in Madame Tussauds – probably the most famous waxworks museum on the planet. However this legendary museum of wax figurines is certainly not the only such museum in the world, and there is a small waxworks museum in Ukraine which visitors to the country might be interested in visiting.Unfortunately, many of the exhibits are in Ukrainian or Russian but you seldom need to read the text to understand who the legendary figure is.Many of the wax exhibits are not yet made entirely of wax and may have their inner frame made of metal while other items may be used to create a life-like effect.However, the use of pure-wax figures is increasing in the museum and will hopefully soon be a large part of the museum’s displays.The museum is located in the beautiful city of Kiev and you will find it at Pushkins’ka 11.It is open daily between 10:00 and 19:00 and visitors will be expected to pay a small entrance fee of 10 Hr for adults and 5 Hr for children (prices subject to change).So explore the history and culture of Ukraine in a fun and exciting new way by visiting The Waxworks Museum in Kiev.You wont regret it.

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