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Country: Mexico
State: Jalisco
City: Zapopan
Type of Location: Multiple
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Places to Visit
How to Reach

By air

Nearest airports to Zapopan are sorted by the distance to the airport from the city centre.

  Zapopan Airport (distanced approximately 8.1 km)
  Guadalajara Airport (distanced approximately 24 km)
  Zamora Airport (distanced approximately 140 km)
  Aguascalientes Airport (distanced approximately 160 km)
  Colima Airport (distanced approximately 160 km)

Key places to visit
Temple of Guadalajara, Auditorio Telmex, La Gran Plaza Fashion Mall, Basilica of Zapopan, Trompo Magic, The Huichol Art Museum, The museum of the Virgin of Zapopan


Places to Visit

Temple of Guadalajara

The Temple of Guadalajara, Mexico is one of the temples built and operated by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints,the number 105 built by the Church and the number 11 of Mexico,located in the municipality of Zapopan northwest of the Guadalajara metropolitan area.At the general conference of the Church of the Holy Jesucisto Latter Day, the April 14th of 1999,then-church president, Gordon B. Hinckley announced plans to build a temple in Guadalajara. Although there were already by then 11 temples in Mexico,Guadalajara temple serves about 60,000 members in 16 stakes gathered the church in western Mexico, including the rest of the state of Jalisco,Aguascalientes,Durango,Irapuato,Leon,Mazatlan,Puerto Vallarta and Zacatecas .

Auditorio Telmex

Telmex Auditorium is a performance space located in the metropolitan area of Guadalajara,Mexico.It is part of the most ambitious cultural project transcendent University of Guadalajara.The auditorium is the first building that comes alive to promote the development of the University Cultural Center. The "first stone" was installed on July 22 of 2003 and the inauguration took place on September 1st of 2007,with a ceremony enlivened by Placido Domingo .The building was designed by Joseph of Arimathea Moyao Mexico and is located on Avenida Parres Arias. It has two main access routes: Peripheral Laureles Avenue North, both connected smoothly to the main road arteries of the city vehicle.

La Gran Plaza Fashion Mall

La Gran Plaza Fashion Mall, a shopping center in the City of Guadalajara, Mexico,dedicated almost exclusively to the sale of beauty products, clothing and footwear, is one of the most important and largest of the city, located on Avenida Vallarta.Opened since 1995, becoming since then in a shopping center specifically dedicated to fashion, with 9 million visitors a year and 22mil m of shops.

Basilica of Zapopan

One of the most attractive tourist 's historic center is the Basilica of Zapopan,Baroque Franciscan sanctuary completed in 1892, and which hosts the Virgin of Zapopan.Every October 12 performed the pilgrimage of the pilgrimage, where the Virgin is carried from the Cathedral of Guadalajara to the Basilica. In this procession brings together dancers, food vendors and traditional crafts and thousands of spectators. The picture stops periodically to receive a tribute from the many groups of traditional dance and mariachi bands on the road. Traditional dances include "The Tastoanes", "The Dance of the Golden Eagle," "the Conquest" and "Huehuenches." Once back to the Basilica, the celebrations continue and end with fireworks at night.

Trompo Magic

The Trompo Magic is an interactive museum devoted especially to children, presents various topics related to art, science, civics, among others, as well as activities. The Garden of Art is an exhibition and sale of outdoor art, which takes place every Sunday at the Glorieta Chapalita.

The Huichol Art Museum

The Huichol Art Museum offers visitors Wixarica a permanent exhibition of crafts by this ethnic group. Sale and display of shirts, pants, bags, skirts, blouses, necklaces, earrings, rings, bracelets and small bags of beads. In addition to carved wooden masks and pictures with scenes of everyday rural life in this ethnic group.

The museum of the Virgin of Zapopan

The museum of the Virgin of Zapopan has an impressive collection of robes of gold and silver threads, offerings made to her as a token of appreciation by some miracle, old paintings, niches in which image was being transported and a collection of miscellaneous items used in past centuries to decorate.

Right Time to Visit

July - September


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