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By air

Nearest Airport: Fly Balaton Airport
Sarmellek Airport, otherwise known as FlyBalaton Airport, is located on the western edge of Lake Balaton, the largest lake in central Europe, western Hungary, with the spa resort.
There is a bus or shuttle bus linking the airport to the nearest railway station (at Keszthely, 12Km away) and to local towns.
Sarmellek airport has a cafe, shop, ATM, VIP lounge and an Internet access point.

By train

The city rail transport is less important, here are the important north-south rail service, only Zalaszentiván through a transfer to join them. So that the village sees the role of the railway junction. In addition to the railway station in downtown Olaban Andráshida and a rail stop. Zalaegerszeg-Andráshida The new trail between the 2009th was issued on May 25

Key places to visit
Gocseji Village Museum, Finno-Ugric Folk Park, Hungarian Oil Industry Museum, Azaleas Valley, Donkey Arboretum, Mary Magdalene's Roman Catholic Parish Church


Places to Visit

Gocseji Village Museum

The Gocseji Village Museum museum in Zalaegerszeg . This is the first open-air museum in Hungary in 1968 was opened. The museum village not far from the center of Zalaegerszeg, the Zala River is located next to a backwater. The Gocsej outstanding examples of folk architecture of the original site's left Hencz water mill was built around a layout like a 19th Gocsej century village would be: farm houses, farm buildings, church, mill and blacksmith's workshop.
The small towns of the 20th Gocsej Century utepitesekig preserve traditional structure, the building houses the ancient methods and forms were kept. This traditional way of life has been taken over memories of the last of the posterity of the museum foundation and further development.

Finno-Ugric Folk Park

The Finno-Ugric Folk Park in Zalaegerszeg , the Village Museum Gocseji established outdoor exhibition area, which is a Finno-Ugric peoples living houses, farm buildings with cultic edifice with furniture and props of everyday life, deals with. The idea of the Village Museum exhibition of the existence of the thirtieth anniversary in 1989 , he was raised, the first transfer of buildings in 2001 was made.
The museum is divided into the following parts: Komi , Udmurt , Mari , Mordvin , Estonian , Finnish , Mansi and Khanty area. Notable buildings in the maritime timber fenced house, the Finnish peasant's house and the Ob-Ugrian (Mansi and Khanty) property, economic and ceremonial buildings.

Hungarian Oil Industry Museum

The Hungarian Petroleum Museum National museum collection range in Zalaegerszeg . In 1969 , founded the museum in the country's largest outdoor museum of engineering. Collection belongs to the Hungarian hydrocarbon ( crude oil , natural gas ), mining and processing of collected memories. 1993 in the museum took over the Zsigmondy Williams collection has the task of researching the history of mining on water as well. The museum Gocsej Village Museum, next to some 30 000 m² of work in the common entrance to the Finno-Ugric skanzeneval and those of the Village Museum. The museum is part of the most spectacular outdoor exhibition, where the hydrocarbon mining, processing and transportation can be seen: including drilling rigs, pumps, rock bass, famously rescued after gas flares damaged fittings, drill bits used in deep drilling.

Azaleas Valley

The Valley of the Azaleas Zalaegerszeg Alsóerdő botanically a conservation area.
Talia Wood Gyula the Jeli arboretum was created in the example of an impermeable akacosbol. In the sixties and seventies of tropical plants have been planted in the experimental specific microclimate of the valley. First Jelibol purchased the saplings. The mountain atmosphere environment, the arboretum collections later became a character.
The valley can be found in the Colorado fir, giant fir , szerbluc , szitkaluc , European and Japanese larch,pine flat,Caucasian fir,green and kekduglasz and various thuyas .

Donkey Arboretum

Arboretum in the ass Zalaegerszeg northeastern outskirts of town center is about Csacsbozsok. 4 km from the 60 -hectare protected area. The forest of Zala climatic forest communities, the Illyrian oak-hornbeam , beech , typical representative of representative species rich.
It is a Zalavar abbey owned nursery, which was already the second world war before the egerszegiek was a popular tourist attraction. During the Second World War, the spruce was harvested for war, restored örökzöldet's 30-40, and deciduous trees have been planted. The nursery of the sixties have been lost at the end, it was a pimp and transformed arboretumma .

Mary Magdalene's Roman Catholic Parish Church

Mary Magdalene's Roman Catholic Parish Church built between 1750-1760 in baroque style, Tierhardt Joseph's master planning of the ceiling images of the 70's, Margaret Haraszti restored. Was consecrated in 1809.

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