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Estado de Zacatecas
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Places to Visit
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By Plane

You can take a direct flight to the Zacatecas International Airport (ZCL) from Mexico City, Guadalajara, Monterrey, Durango, Morelia, and Tijuana. Direct flights also exist to the U.S. cities of Los Angeles, Chicago, Denver, and Houston. Once at the airport just take a 20 min. taxi ride to downtown.

 By Bus

 Most major cities offer direct buses to Zacatecas, especially those cities located in Northern Mexico. If you are traveling by bus from Southern Mexico you may have to make a connection in Mexico City.

Key places to visit
Zacatecas Cathedral, Museo Zacatecano, Fresnillo, Santa Domingo, Jerez de Garcia Salinas


Places to Visit

Zacatecas Cathedral

The magnificent cathedral, which stands on the Plaza Hidalgo, is for many people the most perfect example of the Mexican Churrigueresque style. The building was begun in 1612 on the site of an earlier church, but the form it has today is primarily the result of additions dating from the period 1730-60.

The façade, with its exceptionally elaborate decorative work which is typical of the richness of form of Spanish-Mexican Baroque, has illustrations of Christ with the twelve apostles, four Church Fathers around the chancel window, and in the uppermost section God the Father surrounded by eight angels making music. These images are fashioned with a mixture of Romanesque elements and motives derived from the Indian philosophy of life The dome was rebuilt in 1836.

The austere interior, mainly decorated in the Neo-Classical style, is disappointing; the exceptionally rich fittings (gold and silver objects, European paintings, etc.) which were once there disappeared during the Reform War and the turmoil of the Revolution.

Museo Zacatecano

This museum features colonial furniture as well as a variety of Huichol pieces, including jewelry, wooden figures and instruments. The museum once housed the Mint.


About 60km/37mi north-west of Zacatecas on the MEX 45 is the old silver town of Fresnillo (2250 m (7382 ft); population 190,000; fiestas: August 23rd, foundation day; in Plateros (7km/4.3mi away) June 15th, Día del Santo Niño). There are thermal baths nearby.

Santa Domingo

Across the Callejón de Veyna, which begins at the government palace, we come to the church of Santo Domingo, a sober Baroque building dating from the middle of the 18th c. The façade is in the form of a "Spanish wall". Inside along the sides there are beautifully carved Churrigueresque retablos and a Neo-Classical main altar. The 18th c. paintings in the sacristy are noteworthy. The church is adjoined by the old Jesuit college with a lovely cloister.

Jerez de Garcia Salinas

From Zacatecas on the MEX 45, with a turning off right after 23km/14mi, it is 56km/35mi in all to the town of Jerez de García Salinas (2190 m (7185 ft); population 70,000; fiestas: January 23rd, Día de San Ildefonso; Easter Saturday; September 8th, Día de la Virgen de la Soledad); this town has an Andalusian atmosphere.

Right Time to Visit

December - May


May - June -> 21(°C) - Summer
January - February -> 6(°C) - Spring


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