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Yumbilla Falls

Amazonas - Peru
Type of Location:
Water Fall
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Places to Visit
How to Reach

By land

      Lima-Chiclayo-Chachapoyas: 1409 km / 876 miles (21 hours by car)

      Lima-Trujillo-Cajamarca-Chachapoyas: 1716 km / 1066 miles (30 hours by car)

      Tarapoto-Moyobamba-Chachapoyas: 361 km / 224 miles (7 to 8 hours by car)

Key places to visit
Chan Chan, Podocarpus National Park, Waterfall Gocta


Places to Visit

Chan Chan

Chan Chan is an archaeological site in Peru . Located in the western part of the country of La Libertad, on the outskirts of Trujillo . This is the largest pre-Columbian ruins of the capital city of Chimu Kingdom (9th-15th century AD). Chan Chan is the largest city of adobe bricks. Urban plan of the city divided into the palace and fortress reference to its social and political significance. 9 large local citadel successive rulers of interesting points traditions of indigenous peoples. Each is a sovereign after his death, he took to his grave all their property and servants. Could only live rightful wife. As a result of Chan Chan there heritage. The town is still preserved in relatively good condition. Alas, but lately threatening weather, especially rain and tornadoes such as El Niño. Since 1986 the archaeological site of 79,329,010 registered on the UNESCO World Heritage List

Podocarpus National Park

Podocarpus National Park is located  in southern Ecuador. It is an area of about 360 thousand acres. Podocarpus consists of rain forests, pastures and vysokohorskéých several Andean lakes. Park supplies of drinking water more than a million people this field. The park is a large number of birds, jaguars, tapir, andští bears, armadillos, etc.

Waterfall Gocta

Waterfall Gocta or Catarata del Gocta is located in Peru. Gocta falls in two streams from a height of 771 meters. This is the fifth highest waterfall in the world and the third highest free-falling. It is well known for centuries, when it came Peruánci from the province of Chachapoyas. World famous waterfalls is to become the 2005 expedition of Germans Stefan Ziemendorffa group of Peruvian and discoverers, who measure their actual height.

Right Time to Visit

December - February


December - March -> 25(°C) - Summer


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