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North Brabant
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By road

Woudrichem is accessible from the A27 and N322 .
By public transport is accessible via the bus 121 Woudrichem 's-Hertogenbosch to Wijk and Aalburg of Veolia.

By water

There is a ferry connection between Gorinchem and Woudrichem and also to Loevestein.

Key places to visit
Saint-Martin, City Hall Woudrichem, Fishing museum Woudrichem, Prison, John Nepomukkerk


Places to Visit


The Martin is a medieval cruciform in the fortified Woudrichem .The origin of this church was located in the 7th century, when a companion of Saint Willibrord founded a chapel would have. The current, initially dedicated to Saint Martin's Church dates from the 15th century. The church had, beside the main altar, side altars nine. It is a late Gothic cruciform church with a pseudobasilicaal ship, whose aisles are continued later along the tower. The choir is now closed slightly older. The ship has wooden barrel vaults . In 1573 , a large part of the Beggars Woudrichem to ashes to prevent the Spaniards to the city to take. Only the walls of the former church remained standing. In 1621 the church was rebuilt after enough money was raised.The church was now a Reformed Church. In 1841 the church was restored and rebuilt again.

City Hall Woudrichem

The City Hall Woudrichem, also called Old Raedthuys, is a former town in the 16th century in the place Woudrichem .It's a basement building with gable roof between gables , where stone blocks and straps and basket arches above the windows . On the facade there is a platform with two steps and the railing shield containing lions. In front a stone in the shape of a cartouche with the year 1592. The building is a national monument .The Town Hall was restored in 1957.The current town hall is located at the Town Hall Square.

Fishing museum Woudrichem

The Fisheries Museum Woudrichem is a fishing museum located in the Arsenal at Kerkstraat 41 to Woudrichem .This museum was spawned from the collective activities of some individuals that the material heritage of the river fisheries have gathered. Around 1950, especially by water pollution, an end to this industry.The museum tells the river fishing and in particular the role that this activity for the town Woudrichem played. There is an extensive collection of fishing equipment such as nets , fish traps , blessings and the like. There are also old photographs and films documenting the previous activity. Besides its workshops to see where the fishing equipment were manufactured, like a forge , a rope and a share house .There is also a salmon fireplace , a flat bottom shallow, with rudder and swords could be removed in order to win the nets unharmed. The salmon was a chimney hood , including the skipper could spend the night.


The Prison in the fortified Woudrichem is the only remaining water gate as part of the fortifications. The gate dates from after 1573 , when the city has been on fire. It belongs in the in 1580 built walls. In the Middle Ages had a Woudrichem walls, in which were five city gates. On the northeast corner is a uitgekraagde bay tower .The building is now used as a restaurant. In the 19th century, however, the rooms were in the gate and prison .

John Nepomukkerk

The John Nepomukkerk is the Catholic parish of Woudrichem . The church is on the Vissersdijk.After the Catholics in 1838 a temporary church had used was in 1838 a flood church ready in neoclassical style, designed by J. the Crown. Typically, the boognis above the entrance, with Doric columns and the statue of John of Nepomuk . The church hall is on the roof an octagonal bell tower with a dome covered by zinc.In the interior there are ionic columns and the whole is an arbor covered. There is a wooden altarpiece from 1840 to eeb altar piece from 1839 written by Jan Baptist van der Hulst . It represents the birth of Christ. A carved oak communion rail dates from 1840.

Right Time to Visit

March - September


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