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Wiener Neustadt

Lower Austria
Wiener Neustadt
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By Air

The city has a civilian airport with ICAO identifier (Wiener Neustadt / Ost LOAN), as well as a military airfield (Wiener Neustadt / West, LOXN).The West Course may be used by numerous sailing and motor flier clubs as well as a skydiving club.It is the largest grass airfield in Europe.

By Train

Wiener Neustadt is one of the most important railway hubs in Austria.The main train station in Wiener Neustadt is cutting and starting point for several railway lines (Southern Railway, Railway Mattersburg, Aspangbahn, Pottendorfer line Schneebergbahn, Gutensteiner train).With a frequency of approximately 25,000 passengers and 700 passenger trains per day, he is the busiest station in Lower Austria.In addition, there are in the city of Wiener Neustadt three more stops, "Wiener Neustadt Nord", "Wiener Neustadt Anemonensee" and "Civitas Nova Wiener Neustadt". Furthermore, at the Aspangbahn Mattersburg and train one stop "Wiener Neustadt Süd" in planning. The stop "Katzelsdorf" Matter of Burger railway is also still in the city of Wiener Neustadt.

By Road

Wiener Neustadt is also a traffic junction (Southern Motorway (A2), Mattersburg Highway (S4)). To relieve the roads east bypass is planned one (compound of the exit Wiener Neustadt Ost - B21), which to date only the northern part (B21 - B60) was realized.The following roads lead through former Wiener Neustadt Wiener Neustadt road (B17), Gutensteiner road (B21), Puchberger road (B26), Pottsching road (B53), exchange road (B54) and Leitha road (B60).

By Bus

The Wiener Stadtwerke Neustadt and Municipal Service GmbH - Transport (WNSKS) have ten inner-city bus lines (AH, K, L) in the entire city (as well as a student-HTL line station).All city bus lines (except line L and student rates) go through the ring of Wiener Neustadt, where there is a bus lane available for the most part. From there they left the ring around the city.Also operate the Wiener Stadtwerke Neustadt and the bus company Partsch regional buses to the surrounding area.There is also a bus line.

Key places to visit
Cathedral of Wiener Neustadt, Carmelite Church, Aviation Museum Aviaticum, City Theatre Wiener Neustadt, Wiener Neustadt Stadium, Spinner On The Cross


Places to Visit

Cathedral of Wiener Neustadt

is a late Romanesque building in Wiener Neustadt in Lower Austria.The Roman Catholic Cathedral , at that time parish was in 1279 in honor of St. Virgin Mary and St. Rupert dedicated.From 1468 to 1785 he was cathedral of the diocese of Wiener Neustadt.From 1588 to 1630 was Melchior Khlesl administrator of the diocese of Wiener Neustadt.He donated the early baroque pulpit.The late baroque high altar and the high altar of Gianbettino Cignaroli representing the Assumption of Mary, was inaugurated 1776th.After several earthquakes were the 64-meter-high towers in the 19th Century disrepair.1886 they were demolished and according to old plans under the leadership of the Viennese architect Richard Jordan from 1892 to 1899 rebuilt.From 1975 to 1999 the entire church was first under Bishop Florian Kuntner then completely renovated under Provost Henry Hahn.

Carmelite Church

is part of a former Carmelite convent in Wiener Neustadt in Schlogelgasse was profaned, and is now used as an exhibition hall for art exhibitions.The former convent in the northeast corner of the formerly walled city bordered on the eastern city wall and communicates with the main facade as a dominant eye-catching point de vue in the visual axis of the street in the German village built rather Schlogelgasse.The once extensive monastery garden is partly obtained with the surrounding wall and, with various buildings of the Regional Hospital Wiener Neustadt installed.Originally, probably from 1241 an obstruction of the area by the German Order of Future which went down in a fire in 1608.In 1673 exchanged the German Order of the area against the Moger'sche open house in the track lane 3 and 5.

Aviation Museum Aviaticum

The Museum of Flight is located at Aviaticum (civilian) airport Wiener Neustadt / Ost, showing on 400 m2 in a hall exhibits and models mainly from the history of gliding in Austria.The museum is based on the collection of pioneer Toni Kahlbacher (1914-2004) and Reinhard Keimel from 1983 for an Austrian Soaring Museum Hundsheim / Spitzerberg that there - 5 km south grove castle on the Danube - could not be realized.In cooperation with the city of Wiener Neustadt, Lower Austria and the country of the firm Diamond Aircraft Industries GmbH in 1993 it was finally possible to open in 1999, the new building at the airport Aviaticum East.The museum is based on the private foundation of Flight Museum Aviaticum Kahlbacher city and Wr. Neustadt and is operated by a club.10 early sailing and powered flight, as Etrich dove (or guyed with wire wings), Olympia-Meise and Rhon lark, a helicopter with 7-meter-rotor.Parachutes including one from China during the Cultural Revolution, and a gas balloon made of rubberized canvas with 900 m2 volume.In 2000 the museum received an aeronautical and flight history book collection.

City Theatre Wiener Neustadt

is an urban theater of the city of Wiener Neustadt in Lower Austria in the Duke Leopold Street 19.The former monastery church of the former Carmelite of the Facade of Duke Leopold Street is today's City Theatre.The narrow two-storey building with a hipped roof was built in 1668th Monastery church was like under Joseph II profaned the church converted into a theater designed the new facade in 1793 in classical style.The theater was opened in 1794.Inside is a small zweirangiger auditorium, which was renovated and modernized from 1977 to 1979 for 624 seats while the iron curtain by the painter Wolfgang Hutter was designed.The establishment of the former monastery church like the high altar, side altar, pulpit organ and the vestry cupboard is now in the parish church at the Wolfpassing Hochleithen.

Wiener Neustadt Stadium

is a football stadium in the Lower Austrian town of Wiener Neustadt.It is the home ground of FC Magna Wiener Neustadt in the Bundesliga.The stadium is also true for speedway used.It has 7,700 people.The stadium was opened on 19 Wiener Neustadt Opened in May 1955 by Mayor Rudolph Wehrl.It was previously constructed in three years of construction on the Daimler-Meadow architect under-Kucha Lissberg.With the completion of the stadium took the then first division first Wiener Neustadt SC Fall Festival by the court and denied to 1967 games in the highest league.1972/73 was here again Erstligafubball from SV Admira Wiener Neustadt see.In this catchment in 2008 the existing floodlights rebuilt and adapted to current needs and adaptations for spectators (new bucket seats, service containers), players (Kabinantrakt) and television (commentator cabins, transmission equipment) made.The playing field got a new lawn.In addition to football games with the speedway track is originally at the 2008 European soccer championships in Vienna's Ernst-Happel-Stadion installed artificial turf covers.A total of 2008 were invested in the Stadium € 1.2 million.

Spinner On The Cross

is a Gothic stone pillar in Wiener Neustadt called.The column was designed by the architect Michael (named Michael Knab ) was established. A column named Spinner at the cross is also available in Vienna.The 21 m high has been strongly upward tapering pillar of Wiener Neustadt city judge and later mayor of Wolfhart Schwarzensee donated built from 1382 to 1384 and 1994, most recently restored.The column has a five-zone structure.Above the base (with a restoration of inscription and coat of arms of the founder Odenburger Korad Ernst town clerk from 1475) to collect three character zones above which rises the spire.At the first level at the corners of three statues of saints stand with Passion scenes in the background.Pinnacles lead to the second zone which is equipped with figures of prophets. In the third zone a base is renewed with the portrait busts of the founder and the artist with their respective wives.On this there are figures of the apostles and above a Coronation of the Virgin.To the column was around 1900 the Walther-of-the-pasture bird park created.

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