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New Zealand
New Zealand (General)
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By plane

Wanganui Airport handles domestic flights from Auckland and Wellington.

By train

The nearest railway station with a passenger service is at Marton (40 km away).

Key places to visit
Wanganui in Bloom, Whanganui Regional Museum, Whanganui Riverboat Centre Museum, Various art exhibitions, Whanganui River


Places to Visit

Wanganui in Bloom

from December to March there are hundreds of hanging flower baskets lining the streets of central Wanganui.

Whanganui Regional Museum

an extensive collection of natural and human artifacts with a strong regional emphasis.

Whanganui Riverboat Centre Museum

Contains fascinating displays of river-related artefacts and photographs of the riverboat era.

Various art exhibitions

are held around Wanganui's city centre at almost all times. Much of it is student work from UCOL, and the best exhibitions usually take place in the acclaimed Wanganui School of Design, which has a very nice tight-knit staff that can hold very interesting conversations. However, don't ask Tanya Roberson about dogs or memes, you'll be there for hours.

Whanganui River

is around 300 km long. It is the longest navigable river and the second longest river in the North Island. There are a number of operators who offer canoeing, rafting and jetboat trips. The Mangapurua stream (tributary to the Whanganui) is bridged by the famous Bridge to Nowhere. This was built to provide access to settlers establishing farms in the Mangapurua Valley.

Right Time to Visit

January - April
October - December