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North Brabant
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By air

Nearest airports to Waalwijk are sorted by the distance to the airport from the city centre.
 Breda Gilze-Rijen Airport (distanced approximately 16 km)
 Gilze Rijen Airport(distanced approximately 16 km)
 Weelde Mil Airport(distanced approximately 33 km)
 Eindhoven Airport(distanced approximately 34 km)
 Hoeven Seppe Airport(distanced approximately 39 km)

By road

Waalwijk is accessible via the A59 ( Serooskerke - Oss ), and through the A261/N261 (Waalwijk, Tilburg ). The city has since 1964 not train more (the former station was at the Castle. vd Klokkenlaan), although she is served by several bus lines, such as 136 and 137 between Tilburg and Den Bosch, and fast service 300 between 's-Hertogenbosch and Tilburg.
Previously, we used the " half-zole line ". In 2007 it was restored through a cycle with several outlets (cycle bridge) and parks. There were also old tram lines to 's-Hertogenbosch and Tilburg.

Key places to visit
Church at the Port, St John's Church, Town of Waalwijk, Dutch Leather and Shoe Museum, Water Tower


Places to Visit

Church at the Port

The Church in the port, the Reformed Church of Waalwijk . She is on the Grotestraat 121.Originally the Catholic Church of Waalwijk. There is an old church in advance, which in 1309 stated that it had a special Marian altar. The patronage was in the hands of the Norbertine . Around 1450 the building was too small and could possibly become damaged during the St. Elizabeth flood of 1421 .The construction of the new church in late Gothic style lasted until 1520 . In 1580 , however, the church was badly damaged by war during the Eighty Years' War . Under the leadership of Jan van Leefdael the church was in 1617 restored. The tower and baptistery were not rebuilt. These layers namely since 1388 in the territory of Besoyen that to Holland Region belonged, which had become Protestant. However, a small central tower built with spherical tip, and there were a number of wrought iron crosses on dakuiteinden and made ​​the crossing tower. A white stripe on the front of the church, the old border between Holland and Brabant still.

St John's Church

The Roman Catholic Church St. John the Baptist in the center of the North Brabant location Waalwijk between June 1923 and November 1925 were built. The church is often popularly called St. January said. The expressionist structure that a draft of the Vught architect William Henry Valk , is derived from the Byzantine architecture.In 1993 the church declared a national monument . In the place where now stands the St. John's Church, was formerly a Church Works . This was built in 1829 and demolished in 1922 for the construction of the present St. John's Church. The exterior of this church was sober Works except for the neoclassical northern facade. The interior was characterized by colorful and Neo-Baroque.

Town of Waalwijk

The town of Waalwijk, the town hall of the municipality of Waalwijk . It is built on a design by James Alexander Kropholler in the period 1929-1932. The building is on the front and back of a stepped gable . In 1986 the town hall complex, expanded in a style that fits in the existing section.

Dutch Leather and Shoe Museum

Dutch Leather and Shoe Museum is a museum Waalwijk .The initiator of this museum was Anthony Henry. This teacher was making shoes for the Secondary Vocational School for the Shoe and Leather and an avid collector of numerous objects with shoes and footwear industries face. He showed a part of this collection during the slam exhibition of 1953 , enthused and some shoe manufacturers, which is a foundation founded.In 1954 opened the Archaeological Museum of the Shoe and Leather, but in too small a building. In 1960 it was moved to the former home of the leather manufacturer Witlox Grotestraat 148. This building was too small. That's why they moved in 1983 to the building of the former shoe manufacturer Pinocchio. When the museum also received its present name. The collection was expanded, including with some big machines.

Water Tower

The water tower in Waalwijk was built in 1,901 - 1,902 and designed by architects Visser and Smit.The water tower has a height of 34 meters and a water tank of 200 m³.Brabant Water has decided to do in 2007 the tower out of use.

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