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Vinnytsia Oblast
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By Air

Gavryshivka International Airport (IATA: VIN, ICAO: UKWW) is situated in Vinnytsia.Since the end of World War II, Vinnytsia has been the home for a major Soviet Air Forces base, including an airfield, a hospital, arsenals, and other military installations.The headquarters of the 43rd Rocket Army of the Strategic Rocket Forces was stationed in Vinnytsia from 1960 to the early 1990s.2nd Independent Heavy Bomber Aviation Corps, which later became 24th Air Army, was also stationed in Vinnytsia from 1960 to 1992.The Ukrainian Air Force Command has been based in Vinnytsia since 1992.

By Train

The train is the main means of transportation and the city is connected to all the Ukrainian cities as well as other places in the neighboring countries.As of mid-2005 there is a new high-speed (by Ukrainian standards) train connecting DNK and Kiev, and most Kiev to Crimea services also stop in Vinnytsia.

By Trolleybus

Vinnytsia trolley active in the regional center of town winery trolleybus system of Ukraine.In November 1990 , was opened route number 6 "Memorial Liberation - Railway Station" and relegated, so 15 new machines.Since independence, Ukraine (from 1991 year) development of a trolleybus network in the city took place more intensively by tram.These include new lines in the array Sverdlovsk (1997) and Tyazhylovi (to vul.Luhovoyi, 1998).It built a new line. Hnivanskym highway to the Agrarian University (opened August 20, 2006) and a new thread and Frunze streets Krasnoarmeyskoy to the new municipal market (opened on 21 July 2007).The length of the network increased to 86.6 km.In 2007 the city was purchased 5 new trolley Lviv plant LAZ E183.

Key places to visit
Vinnytsia Cathedral, Theater Mykola Sadovsky, Vinnytsia Puppet Theater, Central Park of Culture and rest, Vinnytsia Historical Museum, Vinnytsia Regional Museum of Art, Vinnytsia fountain, Vinnytsia Central city stadium


Places to Visit

Vinnytsia Cathedral

is a national monument of architecture and the main temple of the Diocese of Vinnytsia Ukrainian Orthodox Church.The building is located in the historic city center, among the complex of medieval fortifications walls, composed of the monastery of Jesuits, Dominicans and Capuchins.The temple is always called Transfiguration Cathedral and Cathedral are not always held that the premises where located now.The first cathedral church of the city was named after St. Cosmas and Damian. Its built in the XVI century.When Vinnytsia was a small fortress.Only in 1832, she was transferred from the old wooden building in the premises of the liquidated Dominican Monastery and renamed Transfiguration Cathedral.In 1990, the decision premises of regional and city authorities gave the Orthodox Church - subject to wait until the city government come up upon a new building for the body.Some time long confrontation between the representatives of the culture and believers but believers of the church under the leadership of then Vinnytsia Metropolitan Agafangela did not wait - dismantled and dumped his body on the pavement.Now the body is opposite in the Catholic church (in Soviet times - lectures).During the subsequent reconstruction of the cathedral were built gilded domes, besides missing.

Theater Mykola Sadovsky

Actually building the theater is located downtown at: Street Theatre, 13 and has room for 700 seats.At the beginning of the twentieth century Vinnytsia felt that full compliance with the concept of a European city lacks opera.The welfare of the local elite sought compliments and only theater with its romantic atmosphere could satisfy the desire worldly pleasures. Probably, the question of social and leisure activities discussed in the official offices of the City Council.Her head Nikolai Ovodova also shared the need to theater for the city and already recognized architect Gregory Artynov was ready to give the city another new building, which was intended to win time.1993 on the initiative of the chief director of the theater Vitaliy Seleznev at Vinnytsia Music School. Leontovich open theater department, which prepares actors.During the years of its existence 12 graduates filled the theater group.

Vinnytsia Puppet Theater

is a Regional Puppet Theater in Vinnytsia.Theater Address: Str. Tolstoy, house. 6, Vinnytsia (Ukraine).Vinnytsia Puppet Theater is one of the oldest doll in Ukraine - it was founded in October 1938 year.In June 1945, the Vinnytsia puppet show the first post-war play "Tale partisan forest" W. Shestak, E. Rovno.Over the years the theater group made more than 250 new productions.In 1999, the Vinnytsia Regional Academic Puppet Theater founded the International Festival of Puppet Theater "Podolsky Doll" is now one of the most popular in Ukraine.History of Theatre is closely linked with the name of a famous puppeteers, a member of UNIMA, Honored Artist of Ukraine Volodymyr Shostak, who headed the theater nearly 40 years.Today, the theater operates Director Honored.Worker of Ukraine, Mikhail Baydyuk.Director - Honored.Art Worker of Ukraine Oleksandr Svinyin Chief designer - honored.Worker of Ukraine, Albina Gladkova.Repertoire Vinnytsia puppet interesting and diverse creative team turns to different genres: fairy tales from the peoples of the world to parody of western and modern drama for children.

Central Park of Culture and rest

Park was established in 1936 year.In the 1937-41 year, the park staff NKVD shot and buried in mass graves of thousands of people.Today the park is a monument of landscape art of national importance.Recreation park named.Gorky is located in the center of the city winery - between the streets of Cathedral (central), Pervomaiskaya and Khmelnytsky highway.Area of ​​the park is 40 hectares.In the park there are numerous monuments (Gorky near the main entrance, the soldiers in Afganistan, Sich Riflemen, fallen policemen) and "Alley famous countrymen" are objects of leisure and recreation: a concert hall "Rainbow", a summer theater, stadium, skating rink, the city planetarium and numerous rides and slot machines.For over 70 years of existence Park has always been a place of celebration, as general public and local / municipal events and holidays.A good tradition was held in the park folk festivals and holidays now in particular to the City Day, Victory Day, Independence Day and so on.

Vinnytsia Historical Museum

is a Regional Historical Museum in the city winery, the largest gathering of materials and documents on the history, ethnography and culture of Eastern skirts.The museum is located in the center of the city winery on the street.Cathedral, house. 19, Vinnytsia, 21100, Ukraine.Since 1929, the building occupies, which is part of the monument of national importance " Vinnytsia walls "( Jesuit complex of mid-18th century.; long time in 3 rooms on the 2nd floor of a prison).The museum was founded in May 1918 year. Open to the public in 1919 , the household as a historical museum.The basis of his collection were used museum collections Vinnytsia county zemstvo, Podolsky Society agriculture and agricultural industry, private collections of members of the Society of Podolsk historical monuments. Protagonists of the new institution became VF indigenous artists, S.I.Slobodyanyuk-Podolyan, lawyer G. Brilinh, Archivist S. Aleksandrovich. Nearly 20 years dedicated to the museum, Gustav Voldemarovych Brilinh, the first director of the museum, which can justly be regarded as its founder.The first years after the national liberation struggle to replenish basic collection went through requisitioned noble estates, family gatherings. These were mostly works of art , furnishings furniture, dishes, etc. antiques, numismatics.The most interesting here was a collection of Nemirova from estate book. Shcherbatov successor family values ​​Potocki, Stroganov.

Vinnytsia Regional Museum of Art

Art Museum in the winery was founded in 1919 year it stood at the origins of artists VF The root, GV Brilinh.In 1920, the collection to the museum among others got extremely rich collection of artistic treasures from the palace of Princess Nemirovskogo MG Scherbatova (kind of Potocki ), including canvas masters of Western and Eastern Europe XVII - XIX centuries. In addition, the museum was transferred to a collection of what were originally Grokhol.The museum participated in joint and solo exhibitions: People's Artist of Ukraine, academician A. Chebykin, People's Artist of Ukraine, Prof. Gurin, Honored Artist of Ukraine Kompaniets Professor, Honoured Artist of Ukraine, Prof. Kozhekov, Honored Artist of Ukraine Oleg Sidorov and A. Soroka, M. Black, M. carefully and several other leading Artists of Ukraine, foreign and youth and promote creativity which is given special attention.Museum visited prominent political figures, including President of Poland Lech Walesa , representatives of embassies, business, culture and art of France, Germany, Israel, Poland, Hungary, Spain, Romania, Italy and elsewhere.For years, the museum replenished its collection through purchases or gifts of artists.In particular, a fellow citizen of Vinnytsia Academician Nikolai Hudz bequeathed the museum his collection of works by Konstantin Korovin, M. Nesterova and others.

Vinnytsia fountain

built in the river Southern Bug River near Island Camp (festival).The only floating fountain in Ukraine.Its uniqueness lies in the so-called "hibernating technology" which allows you to omit construction of the ice.To install the fountain and the reconstruction of the embankment were carried out work on clearing the channel of the river Southern Bug in volume of 28,000 cubic meters of soil.Using laser projector with screen, consisting of water-air mixture that is distributed along the length of the fountain display allows for fountain videos in 3-D.Fountain Roshen was built with funds Foundation Poroshenko.Total project cost 37 million USD.During the inauguration of the fountain on September 4 was carried live.

Vinnytsia Central city stadium

a multi-sport facilities in Vinnytsia.Built in 1959, when the mass of Ukraine organized football team masters.Expanded and renovated in 1980, before the Moscow Olympics.The stadium holds its home games team Vinnytsia "Niva".The stadium "Locomotive" for 12 thousand places in the winery opened in 1959, a year after the establishment of the same football team.1980, to the Olympics in Moscow it was reconstructed and expanded.2003 established five thousand plastic seats.From 2008 occurs at the expense of reconstruction, which plans to complete upgrade of the stadium in 2011: restoration of lighting the football field lights, install new scoreboards, bleachers waterproofing, installation of plastic seats in all 27 sectors of 24 thousand seats.Lawn on the football field will be on the power or vodopidihrivom.

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