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By Air

Bergens one-terminal airport is situated 12 miles south of the city centre, and the airport has a few connections with other European cities and plenty of domestic locations. Norwegian airline, SAS Braathens, is the main operator, with Ryan Air, Finnair, KLM and Lufthansa also flying here. International destinations include Copenhagen, London, Aberdeen and Amsterdam. Norwegian Air Shuttle is a relatively new low-cost airline with some good value domestic flights.

By Rail

The 300-mile journey from Oslo to Bergen is considered to be one of the most scenic train routes in the world, travelling through valleys and fjords with snow-capped mountain views. The journey takes around 8 hours and there are six trains a day including one sleeper service. There are some interesting places on the journey and at Myrdal (2 hours from Bergen), there is a connecting line for Flam. Norway has a fairly extensive train network, and it is also possible to make international connections with Sweden via Oslo. There is a free shuttle bus (bus 100) linking the train station with the bus station and the city centre.

By Bus

There are five services daily between Oslo and Bergen, with the journey taking around 10 to 11 hours. The bus station in Bergen is located next to the railway station at Strmgaten 8. Although the city is small and compact, there is an efficient local bus service, which is especially useful on rainy days.

Key places to visit
Trollheimen , Snohetta, Dovrefjell National Park, The Troll Wall


Places to Visit


Trollheimen loosely translated means "home troll". It is a mountain massif in Norway. The eastern edge of the valley to form Trollheimenu road E6 between Oppdal and Beracah and Orkla River valley excavation. Important area for tourists and cottage with marked trails can be found around the lake Gjeviltan, then u protáhlého Lake Grasjo in the middle part and the broken down many valleys.


Snohetta is the highest mountain peak Dovrefjell in Norway . This mountain is part of the National Park Dovrefjell . Snohetta altitude reaches 2286 meters. The mountain has several peaks: Stortoppen - the highest peak 2286 m above sea level, Midttoppen - 2278 m above sea level, Hettpiggen - 2261 m above sea level, Vesttoppen - 2253 m asl The highest peak is snow-covered throughout the year. Under proper conditions, the ascent of Mount Snohetta relatively easy in summer and winter. The first who ascended the mountain was Jens esmarki in 1798.

Dovrefjell National Park

Best available national park, declared in 1974 to 26 500 ha area. Park crosses the highway E6. Park was established in 1974 to 26 500 ha area to protect the alpine nature. Located in the northern part of the same mountain. Communication E6 River Drive and the park is divided into two parts, smaller and larger. The highest peak park Snohetta is still in the snowy park was found on 420 kinds of vascular plants. Impact is tundrovitý park with numerous water flows and several lakes. The largest zoological rarity several muskox herds east. At the edge of the park is located in the state stud farm breeding rare ancient breed similar riding Převalského. The main starting point for the tour in both parts of the National Park is Kongsvoll group of mountain hotel in the same rail stop and the E6. From Kongsvollu lead not well-marked trails, which in higher positions overcome gully with a steep torrents without bridges.

The Troll Wall

The Troll Wall is located in the central part of Norway, near the famous Troll Ladder. The Troll Wall is the highest vertical wall in Europe. Its height exceeds 1000 meters and was conquered for the first time by Norwegian climbers in 1958. Though The Troll Wall ranks among the most dangerous rock formations in the world, it still attracts many climbers. Tourists who come close to the rock will be amazed by its height and perpendicularity. Worth mentioning is also the fact that in 1980 Finn Jorma made a first parachute jump. His act inspired other fans of adrenaline sports, but since the jumps often end with death, they were banned later on.

Right Time to Visit

November - March