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Country: Mexico
State: Mexico
City: Villahermosa
Type of Location: Multiple
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Places to Visit
How to Reach

By plane

Villahermosa's Airport is a 15 min drive from the city and is a small international Airport with not so many connections. Some main flights are Mexico City, Merida Yucatan, Monterrey NL, Cancun Quintana Roo and Houston TX.

By car

The city lies at the highways 180 and 195.

By bus

Inter-city bus service is available to surrounding cities including Ciudad del Carmen.

Key places to visit
Plaza de Armas of Villahermosa, Government Palace of Tabasco, Lord of Tabasco Cathedral, La Venta Park-Museum, Juarez Park


Places to Visit

Plaza de Armas of Villahermosa

The Plaza de Armas in the city of Villahermosa,Tabasco in Mexico,is located in the Centro Historico of Villahermosa and was drawn in the year 1564 by the Spanish Diego de Quijada,founding the city with the name of Villa Carmona.Quijada traced the city's main square on a hill which was called "Hill of His Eminence," that as he told the King in a letter " was to leave the place free from flooding, in addition to this hill a natural defense of the square and from here you can see very well the river"It was in this historic square where the first church built there in the city. Later, he also built the headquarters and prison. Also in this square on September 7, 1821, General Juan Nepomuceno Fernandez Mantecon proclaimed the independence of Tabasco to the Spanish crown,and the next day in the same place, at 9 am Tabasco authorities vowed the "Plan Iguala "joining Tabasco to the Mexican Empire.

Government Palace of Tabasco

The State Government Palace of Tabasco was inaugurated on December 13th of 1884,in a series of political, social, economic and customs that set a marked difference between then and the present times.By 1870,it began to feel the need to tell the executive branch with its own building, a headquarters, headquarters for the state were established in private homes, for which rents were paid modest rent. The State Government, dispatched in the building was the former Juarez Institute which presumably donated to this institution Dr. Simon Sarlat Nova.This concern motivated the project to build the Palace of Government.

Lord of Tabasco Cathedral

The Cathedral of Tabasco, also known as the Lord of Tabasco Cathedral is the main religious center and the headquarters of the Diocese of Tabasco,located in the city of Villahermosa,located in the central area of the same.The first church was built in the village of San Juan Bautista  was in 1614 and was located in the Plaza de Armas.Years later in 1641, to change the powers of the province to San Juan Baptist church was demolished to be rebuilt with better materials, and the name of the Church of Our Lady of the Conquest

La Venta Park-Museum

La Venta Park Museum is a site located in the city of Villahermosa in the state of Tabasco which houses one of the largest collections of pieces belonging to the Olmec culture.This site was designed, organized and assembled by Tabasco poet Carlos Pellicer,his inauguration took place on March 4, 1958.Doing a bit of history, one could say that archaeologists were Frans Blom and Oliver La Farge who found in La Venta,municipality of Huimanguillo,Tabasco,the remains of a political and religious center, and Matthew Stirling and Phillip Drucker explored the area in 1940. Although the first two realized the great culture imprtancia discovered, the last placed its flowering between 800 and 400 BC.

Juarez Park

One of the most central parks and landmarks of the city. Sample stage street theater, meetings, rallies and other cultural and social manifestations.

Right Time to Visit

July - November
February - April


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