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By Air

Vilamoura is served by Faro airport, a short 30 minute drive away. Faro connects with many European destinations such as the UK, Holland, Italy and Germany. There are over 14 flights a day from the UK and up to 20 UK airports offering services to Faro throughout the high season.

If you have accommodation booked, either through a tour company or independently, you will find that almost every hotel here will provide a transfer from the airport to Vilamoura. The journey is short and the system is pretty efficient. There are also plenty of taxis available here to take you to the resort.

By Rail

There are no trains which run directly into Vilamoura, but it is possible to travel into nearby Loule, which is just over seven miles from Vilamoura. From Lisbon Entrecampos station there are four trains a day and the journey takes between 2 hours 40 minutes and 3 hours 30 minutes depending on the particular train.

By Bus

There is a reasonable local bus service from Vilamoura to some of the nearby towns and attractions but the service is not very reliable.

If you have arrived at the airport and want to continue your journey by bus, you will find that because Vilamoura is a purpose built tourist resort, it is not on the regular bus routes. The best option is to take a bus to a nearby town, such as Albufeira, and connect from there by local bus or taxi to Vilamoura.

Key places to visit
Querena, Almancil, Museum of Cerro da Vila, Beaches


Places to Visit


A short drive north of Vilamoura will lead you to Querena, a traditional Algarve village with its white painted houses and a stunning 16th century church. The church has a unique Manueline doorway and the chapels have 18th century gilded vestals. You will also find an array of interesting statues here including a 17th century Nossa Senhora da Assunco and Virgin and Child from the 16th century. While you are in Querena, it is worth visiting Fonte Benemola, a protected site lying between Querena and the village of Tor. There are a number of nature trails and the area is great for bird watching. There are also a number of caves with archaeological remains.


The charming village of Almancil is just six miles from Vilamoura and has an interesting chapel and art gallery. The chapel of Sao Lourenco dos Matos was built in 1722 after local people witnessed a miracle. The small church is well worth the trip with its baroque style exterior and impressive tiled entrance. The blue and white colour of the interior makes a striking impact and the church is considered one of the treasures of the south of Portugal.

Museum of Cerro da Vila

The ruins at Cerro da Vila offer an excellent opportunity to learn about the history and culture of the area. The ruins include a beautiful rustic villa in among the fields. It is believed that this villa was originally inhabited in the 1st century AD, but has had many modifications over the years. The walls of the villa were once decorated with colourful frescoes and floral designs and the floor was a multi-coloured mosaic. The archaeological digs here have uncovered an array of items such as lamps, pottery and glass that were not native to this area, proving that Cerro da Vila was in the Roman Empires trade network. There have also been some excavations uncovering a cemetery. Today there is a museum with information about the site and the local history.


Vilamoura Main Beach is a good, if unspectacular beach, but is well located for all amenities. Most people do however prefer to explore other beaches in the region.

Falesia beach is a vast golden sandy beach and is considered one of the best in the Algarve. The long beach stretches all the way from Vilamoura to Oura, just east of Albufeira. It is overlooked by the stunning deep red cliffs. These cliffs provide some breathtaking views, especially at sunset.

Along the Algarve coast, you will find numerous beaches with golden sand and crystal clear waters. They can all be easily reached by car and the further out you travel, the more likely you are to find a secluded bay.

Right Time to Visit

September - October