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Vila do Conde

Vila do Conde
Vila do Conde
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By Air

Situated 15 km from the centre of Vila do Conde, the Porto-Francisco de Sa Carneiro International Airport (OPO), the second largest international airport in the country is linked to Vila do Conde across the A28, EN13 and Porto Metro.

By Train

Public transportation within the city of Vila do Conde is managed mainly by North Coast - Urban Transport of Povoa de Varzim, the remaining lines are operated by Transdev.Line B of the Metro do Porto Vila do Conde connects the city of Porto and the airport in two categories, normal and expressed.It also connects the north to the town of Povoa de Varzim.The line operates in a former railway linking the Port of Povoa de Varzim, through Vila do Conde.This secular line was decommissioned in 2002 to be used by Metro.

By Road

Vila do Conde is serviced by an ample network of terrestrial, aerial and maritime transport links.The road networks include accesses to the national auto-estradas (English: roadway), and inter-municipal roadways, along a north-south axis from Vila Nova de Cerveira until Porto via the A28 Auto-estrada.The A7 crosses the A28 along a east to west intersection, along the north of the city, linking Vila Nova de Famalicao to Guimaraes.

Key places to visit
Church of Vila do Conde, Fort of Sao Joao Baptista, Joseph Royal House Museum, House of Knights, Vila do Conde City Theatre, Circular Performing Arts Festival


Places to Visit

Church of Vila do Conde

is located in the city and county of Vila do Conde, the district of Oporto, in Portugal.It is one of the most important monuments of the city and one of the most significant in the Manueline style in the country, with elements of Gothic architecture and Renaissance.The construction of the current array came to replace an earlier, which left no traces.It began to be built in 1496 by architect Biscayan John Rainho, followed by Sancho Garcia and Garcia Rui Penagos.From 1502, after Manuel I of Portugal to stay in Vila do Conde upon his pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela, the crown passed to finance the work.The first part to be completed was the head and the apse in 1506.Next to the church runs the Museum of the Confraternity of the Blessed which has among other valuable pieces, rich custody belonged to the Convent of Santa Clara city.

Fort of Sao Joao Baptista

Fort San Juan Bautista, located at the mouth of the river Ave, in the parish and municipality of Vila do Conde, in the district of Oporto, in Portugal.Currently in good condition is open to the tourist.The structure presents plant pentagon with bastions at the corners also pentagonal in Vauban style.The walls are of stone on the slope, surmounted by parapets vertical.In three of five bulwarks, stand sentry square-shaped.Around the parade ground, under the walls are distributed to service buildings: Casa Command, Headquarters Troop, Paiol and Warehouse.In the center of the square opens a tank.The vertices are located the ramps that allow access of artillery to the ramparts.

Joseph Royal House Museum

is located in Vila do Conde, the district of Oporto, in Portugal.This is the house that the poet Jose Regio inherited from her aunt - her godmother Libânia - and prepared to live when he retired.Here exposed some of the many pieces collected throughout his life, essentially works of art, popular character, mostly Sacred Art : Christians, ex-votos, religious statuary.After the poet's death, the property was purchased by the City Council, reclassified as a museum and opened to the public on September 17th of 1975.In the house of Joseph Royal can be seen the most diverse collections: From painting, of various kinds, subjects or Judgement of Purgatory, to the contemporary paintings of Julio Alvarez, as well as Regal's own drawings.Sculpture by nature very popular, where the religious statuary predomina.Possui an extensive library, which contains first editions.

House of Knights

is located in the face of recent motorway linking Vila Verde to Vila do Conde, in the municipality of Vila do Conde, the district of Oporto, in Portugal.The building dates from the end of the fifteenth century, built on the initiative of D.Martin Ferreira in 1325, which established the Knights of Morgado, near Guimaraes.Its feature of the current date the sixteenth century, when it was rebuilt.Belonged to the Knights of Higher Knoll.It is currently in poor condition.Agustina Bessa-Luís evokes times of his youth spent in the novel Before the Knights Defrost (a photograph of this house illustrates the cover of the original edition), the Tooth Mouse and the short story The Roman Soldier.In Rat Teeth, comes to be a chapter titled "The Counts of Knights."

Vila do Conde City Theatre

is today a reference in the arts by presenting a varied and regular programming in the areas of Theatre, Dance, Music and Cinema.It has been claimed as a major impetus to the cultural life of the city and the northern coast of the country.Serving the public, through want of a regular schedule and diverse, focusing on quality and contemporary proposals, streamline your space, so that it becomes the stage of knowledge and artistic today, boosting the meeting between the arts Performance and communities.

Circular Performing Arts Festival

The Circular Performing Arts Festival is an event of performing arts periodicity of annual ongoing since 2005 in the town of Vila do Conde.The artistic fields covered in this festival are multiple: theater, contemporary dance, performance, visual arts, video, music, among others.The festival encourages the submission of proposals and promotion of performing the experimental field, a part of creativity, focusing on the transdisciplinary proposals.Alongside the performances and performances also take place discussions, exhibitions, literature, among other initiatives.The Festival has enjoyed the presence of prestigious national and international artists as Vera Mantero, Joclécio Azevedo, Laurent Pichaud, Martine Pisani or Lucina Fina.Many of the shows presented are national premieres.

Right Time to Visit

June - October