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Vila Real de Santo Antonio

Vila Real de Santo Antonio
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By air

Nearest airports to Vila Real de Santo Antonio are sorted by the distance to the airport from the city centre.
   Praia Verde Airport (distanced approximately 4.4 km)
   Huelva Airport (distanced approximately 42 km)
   La Palma Del Condado Airport (distanced approximately 79 km)
   Portimao Airport (distanced approximately 100 km)
   Beja Airport (distanced approximately 110 km)

By road

The municipality of Vila Real de Santo Antonio is served by several transport routes which connect to the Algarve and Spain. The motorway A22, better known as the Via do Infante connects the county (despite spending the neighboring county of Castro Marim ) to the neighboring country through the International Bridge of Guadiana. The IC27 - as he saw the Prince, nothing in Vila Real de Santo António, but in Castro Marim - linking the county to the Alentejo, the most propriamnete Mertola and Beja. The EN 125 is also an important route of comunicaçãono county, linking the villages together and connecting them to the rest of the region.

Key places to visit
Fortress Cacela, Historic center of Vila Real de Pombal San Antonio, Church of Cacela-Old, Centro Cultural Antonio Aleixo


Places to Visit

Fortress Cacela

The Fort Cacela, also referred to as Fortress Cacela, the Algarve, located in the village of Old-Cacela, parish of Vila Nova de Cacela, municipality of Vila Real de Santo Antonio, in the district of Faro in Portugal. In a dominant position overlooking the estuary of the Ria Formosa, is currently understood in the heritage listed Old Cacela, considered one of the most important architectural complexes of the Algarve. The original site was a fortified castle Moor before the Reconquista of the Iberian peninsula.
In the sixteenth century, in ruins, was that defense was rebuilt on the orders of D. John III or D. Sebastian. It is known that the latter personally inspected the works in 1573.

Historic center of Vila Real de Pombal San Antonio

The historic center of Pombal Vila Real de Santo Antonio results from the initiative of the Marquis of Pombal, who in 1774 decided to rearrange the ancient village of Santo Antonio da Arenilha, destroyed by the waves in the century XVI and XVII, populating this border zone. The buildings were constructed in just five months.The Marques de Pombal Square is the center of town, where are the Mother Church, the Town Hall, the Museum Manuel Cabanas and an obelisk on floor radeado with cobblestone. The set was designed by architect Reinaldo Manuel dos Santos. In the cardinal develop the streets in perfect grid with uniform architecture.

Church of Cacela-Old

The current Church of Old-Cacela was built in 1518 on the ruins of the original medieval building, the end of the thirteenth century, which retains a small side door ogival, facing north. Heavily damaged by the 1755 earthquake, was rebuilt in 1795. The main entrance of the Renaissance style, is carved in relief busts of S. Peter and S. Paul. The two sides are pilasters adorned with gargoyles, axes, pitchforks, heads of angels, dragons, bows and quivers.Inside the three naves are separated by stone arches, ogival, supported on columns of 1.70 m tall, with bases and capitals eightfold, adorned by hemispheres or ropes. The filling stand out iron railing decorated with figures in the extremities: overhead, S. Joseph, right, Madonna, left, S. John the Evangelist, and below, St. Mary Magdalen.

Centro Cultural Antonio Aleixo

This cultural center was established in memory of the poet namesake. It is situated in the center of Vila Real de Santo Antonio. The site consists of two exhibition halls: the main zone has an area substantially larger than the other room and hosts exhibitions of all kinds of art such as painting, sculpture or photography, the other area is aimed at a permanent exhibition the work of engraving Manuel Cabanas, and for this reason, the gallery has the name of this artist.

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May - June


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