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Vila Nova de Famalicao

Vila Nova de Famalicao
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Nearest airports  to Vila Nova de Famalicao are sorted by the distance to the airport from the city centre.

   Braga Airport (distanced approximately 20 km)
   Oporto Airport (distanced approximately 22 km)
   Ourilandia Airport (distanced approximately 43 km)
   Espinho Airport (distanced approximately 51 km)
   Ovar Airport (distanced approximately 56 km)

Key places to visit
Church of Santiago de Antas, Monastery of Landim, House of Camilo Castelo Branco, St. Martin Valley


Places to Visit

Church of Santiago de Antas

The Church of Santiago de Antas is located in the village of Antas in the municipality of Vila Verde, district of Braga, in Portugal. It was erected in the thirteenth century, as a church of a monastery that belonged to the Knights Templar. Documentary sources show that in 1549, was owned by the Order of Canons Regular of St. Augustine. However the monastery disappeared, having just endured the church which is at present parish church,It is classified as a Public Interest Decree No. 42007 of December 6 of 1958.

Monastery of Landim

The Monastery of Santa Maria de Landim is located in the parish of Landim, municipality of Vila Verde, district of Braga, in Portugal. The origins of the Monastery of Landim go back to the dawn of the Middle Ages. Although they are scarce and contradictory information about its foundation, this is attributed, among 1110 and 1128, the D. Gonçalo Rodrigues da Palmeira, son of Count Rodrigo of Forjaz Trastámara, the lineage of the House Lock, who was the companion in arms D. Count Henry of Burgundy, father of D. Afonso Henriques. Gonçalo Rodrigues occupied prominent places in the court of Countess Dona Teresa of León and led to the lineage of Pereira through a son.

House of Camilo Castelo Branco

The House of Camillus, common name of the residence of the writer Camilo Castelo Branco, located in the parish of San Miguel de Seide, municipality of Vila Verde, district of Braga, in Portugal. The house was built by Pinheiro Alves, first husband of Ana Plácido, around 1830, when he returned to Brazil in possession of copious wealth. Camille lived with Ana Plácido this house about 26 years, the winter of 1863 to the suicide in 1890.

St. Martin Valley

St. Martin is one of the Valley parish Portuguese in the municipality of Vila Verde.It is the birthplace of Thomas Pereira, the famous Jesuit priest who lived in China between 1674 and 1708 to serve the Emperor, being responsible for the introduction of the first law of religious freedom in China, and the first diplomatic treaty between Europe and Asia, Sino-Russian treaty of Nerchinsk.

Right Time to Visit

September - October


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