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Vasteras Museum

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By air

From Stockholm-Vasteras Airport Hasslo are international flights to Spain, England and home to Gothenburg and Umea.On Johannisbergs airfield, in the western district, is a sports airfield with parachuting, gliding and more.

By railway

Relations with including a train every hour, weekends and in summer every two hours, to and from Stockholm, travel time 50-60 minutes. Malarbanan linking Stockholm - Vasteras - Orebro walk through town in an east-west direction. Via this route is traffic to Gothenburg and Malmo. In Northern direction is train to Sala and north. To the south are trains to Eskilstuna, Norrkoping and Linkoping. Via the railroad also sent a variety of goods, mostly in the form of container. During the 1990s, Vastmanland local rail county schedule.

By road

European highway 18 going east-west direction through the resort. The E18 connects the north Highway 56 from Sala and Highway 66 from Fagersta. Highway 56 connects the south from Eskilstuna.

By bus

In Vasteras bus services run by local Vastmanland. The company is jointly owned by the municipalities in the county and the other by the County Council.

By port

Vasteras has the largest inland port. Among incoming goods include mineral oils, coal and coke and scrap iron and iron alloys. Outbound freight is mostly cargo in containers. From the harbor you can also take ferries to the islands in Vasteras bay such as the eastern island, Ridon, Box Holmen, Almo-Lindo, Elba. Taxi Ferries are also used. Guest harbor for boat traffic in central Vasteras.

Key places to visit
Vasteras Art Museum, Vallby Air Museum, Vasteras School Museum, Vasteras aviation museum, Vastmanland County Museum, Vasteras recreational museums, Vasteras Cathedral


Places to Visit

Vasteras Art Museum

Vasteras Art Museum is an art museum in Vasteras. Art Museum has collections of mainly Swedish 1900-Art as well as temporary exhibitions of contemporary art. The museum is also responsible for the city's public art.Among the collections are represented artists as Bror Hjorth, Ivan Aguéli and Eric Grate and younger artists such as Lotta Antonsson and Annika von Hausswolff. Among the older works are represented include an excellent collection of some thirty drawings made by historical painter Carl Gustaf Hellqvist (1850-1890).

Vallby Air Museum

Vallby open air museum in Vasteras, is one of the largest open-air museums, founded in 1921 by Vastmanland Antiquarian Society and museum official Sven T. Kjellberg. Inspiration for the museum were brought from Skansen in Stockholm which was founded in 1891. The original plan for the open-air museum is to be with Vallby would create a Vastmanland "small scale". They wanted to show Vastmanlandia cultural environments and associated crops and animals. Buildings were collected from different parts of the province. These have over the years been supplemented by objects, plants and animals.The museum environments from both urban and rural, of which the oldest dates from the 1600s. In the area include a preserved wooden and stone houses in urban and rural environments, endangered native animals, cultivation of cultural and ornamental plants and crafts.

Vasteras School Museum

Vasteras School Museum is located in Mr. Gards school, central Vasteras. The school is housed in an elementary school building from the early 1900s. The museum has a collection of objects from the school world. There are textbooks, school posters and school photos of stuffed birds, handicraft products and skeleton. The museum houses a time faithfully decorated schoolroom from 1905 with the pulpit and desks. The museum has a broad educational activities and capabilities include Old-fashioned lessons.

Vasteras aviation museum

Vasteras aviation museum is a museum that showcases vintage aircraft. Most of the museum's aircraft are airworthy and presented in regular flight days. Flight Museum is located at Stockholm-Vasteras Airport to former squadron area of F 1 Hasslo. After some investigation began Vasteras aviation museum their business seriously 1999th The trend has fortunately led to premises in the current situation is fairly well stocked with nearly 30 aircraft of which all but five are airworthy.

Vastmanland County Museum

Vastmanland County Museum is a regional museum in Vastmanland County and operated by the County Council of Vastmanland. The museum is described as follows in Vasteras Municipality's website: "The County Museum's mission is to increase knowledge of the Vastmanlandia cultural heritage, raise public awareness, increase understanding of the past and enriching perspectives on the present and future."
For many years it was covered in Vasteras castle, which the museum had showrooms, shops, offices, archives and county library. September 2010 the museum moved to Karlsgatan 2 in central Vasteras, where they share premises with Vasteras Art Museum.

Vasteras recreational museums

Vasteras pleasure Museum is a museum that was founded in 2002 in Vasteras for wooden boats and old pleasure boats and a collection of in- and outboard motors. The museum is also dealt with drawings of boats. The museum is run by me alive. The museum was founded in Stockholm in the 1970s, under the direction of including yacht designer Knud H Reimers. The museum was intended to preserve his and others', drawings of boats.

Vasteras Cathedral

Vasteras Cathedral is a parish church in Vasteras cathedral and the cathedral for the Diocese of Vasteras. Vasteras Cathedral was consecrated to the Virgin Mary and John the Baptist during the Middle Ages and Vasteras Cathedral has sometimes been called the Cathedral Our Lady and probably in the Middle Ages called about St. Mary and St. John's Cathedral. Vasteras pin pin arms also depicts a Lamb of God, according to the words that John the Baptist used to describe Christ.In Vasteras city arms are however two symbols of the Virgin Mary: a rose and Maria monogram, see Vasteras Municipality weapons.

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November - February


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