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By bus

Buses are very frequent from Zagreb and take around 90 minutes check the timetables or the Zagreb Bus Station's website for times. Services into the neighbouring areas are quite frequent, some going over the border into Hungary. Buses also leave from other major Croatian cities almost daily for Varazdin. Online information for buses to Varazdin can be found at the Varazdin Transit website .
International departures often make a stop in the town, and if there is a later bus that day, companies normally honour a 'break of journey' to visit the town for a few hours.
Note in Varazdin that the bus station is located on the western side of town, and the railway station is located on the eastern side, with a distance of around 2km between.

By car

Those travelling from Graz in Austria should proceed to Maribor taking the M3 road to Ptuj from which they can cross into Croatia.
Travellers coming from Nagykanizsa or Budapest should use the A4 motorway once they enter Croatia which connects Varazdin with the Hungarian border.
Travellers from Zagreb can use A4 motorway which will take them to their destination in less than an hour.

By train

The most scenic and cheapest  way to get to Varazdin from Zagreb is a local train stopping at every station between the two cities. The price of a return ticket is 80kn , with discounts for ISIC card holders. Recently, the speed of the journey dramatically improved with the addition of a faster alternative of the high-speed tilting train connection operated by Hrvatske zeljeznice .
Train services also operate north to cakovec and Koprivnica (with further connections to Slavonia and Hungary), and there is a daily service to Split and to Budapest in Hungary.
As of May 2008, the train station in Varazdin was closed for renovations. Trains still ran, but timetable information and tickets needed to be purchased elsewhere. was closed for renovations. Trains still ran, but timetable information and tickets needed to be purchased elsewhere.

Key places to visit
Stari grad, Galerija starih i novih majstora, Entomoloska zbirka, Varazdin's Cathedral, Varazdin's Old Town


Places to Visit

Stari grad

Stari grad is a beautiful medieval fortress. Although its construction began in the 14th century, it was greatly expanded in the 15th century when the rounded towers that typify the Gothic architecture of northern Croatia were added by the Earl of Celje. In 1925 it was turned into Gradski muzej which houses paintings, furniture, weapons and decorative objects important for the Varazdin's history. In 1994, it was the first Croatian museum nominated for the European Museum of the Year Award.

Galerija starih i novih majstora

Galerija starih i novih majstora is hosted in the rococo-style Sermage Palace built in 1759 and donated to the museum by the City of cakovec in 1947. The gallery's holdings include over 3,000 pieces. Many old masters' works served as the basis of today's permanent collection displaying 61 paintings from the 15th to the end of the 19th century. The most valuable pieces are those by Dutch masters from the 17th and 18th centuries as well as the portraits by both local and naturalized masters A. Moses, M. Brodnik and M. Stroy. The gallery also holds works by the famous Croatian contemporary masters: V. Becic, Lj. Babić, R. Franges-Mihanović, as well as by a number of local painters and sculptors from Hrvatsko zagorje and Međimurje. Particularly valuable are the collections of Miljenko Stancic's and Ivo Rezek's works

Entomoloska zbirka

Entomoloska zbirka is located at the early Classicist Herzer Palace in the center of the town. The first collection was established by Franjo pl. Koscec (1882-1968), the local high-school teacher and entomologist. He donated his large natural scientific collections to the City of Varazdin in 1959. His work was, in the 1962-1980 period, continued by his daughter Ruzica Koscec. Since 1903 some 50,000 specimens have been collected. The collection also includes enlarged models of certain insect species. Over the years, the holdings have been expanded by entomological material from the territory of northwestern Croatia. Its scientifically valuable collections, including several tens of thousand specimens, bring testimony of natural properties and environmental changes, thus constituting an inevitable source of information for the elaboration of the Croatian fauna inventory.

Varazdin's Cathedral

Varazdin's Cathedral, a former Jesuit church, was built in 1647, and is distinguished by its baroque entrance, eighteenth-century altar, and paintings.

Varazdin's Old Town

Varazdin's Old Town, including the castle, is an UNESCO protected site. Originally built in the 13th century, it was renovated in the 17th century by an Italian architect. The castle is now a museum.


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September - December


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