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By air

Juan Gualberto Gomez Airport . Many package tours fly directly to Varadero from Canada and from Europe. There is a currency exchange booth only in the departures hall. The booth in the arrivals hall is now closed.

By bus

Viazul Buses  arrive from Havana and Matanzas three times daily. These buses also stop at the Varadero airport. They run a daily overnight service from Santiago de Cuba, stopping at Sancti Spiritus, Camagüey, and Santa Clara in the middle of the night. There is also a morning bus to Santa Clara, Cienfuegos, and Trinidad, returning in the afternoon/early evening.

By car

Hiring a car is also possible in the Varadero Airport or through various hotels.
It may also be possible to get to Havana on a hotel transfer bus for about 10CUC by negotiating with the driver.

Taxi from airport to the town (about 10km) costs about 25-30CUC. It may be possible to bargain the fare to about 20CUC, but not much less.

Key places to visit
Villa Du Pont, Bellamar Caves, Seafari Cayo Blanco, Tropicana Matanzas, Parque Josone


Places to Visit

Villa Du Pont

Villa Du Pont Once the residence of Irénée Du Pont, the green-roofed hacienda style building built in 1928 is today the headquarters of the Varadero Golf Club. The golf course, just a few steps away, features 18 holes, the largest in Cuba. The visitor has the opportunity to admire the splendor of its mahogany furniture, floors made out the finest Italian marble, bronze candelabra and oil paintings. The basement offers Varadero´s most luxurious and expensive restaurant, "Las Américas". On the first floor there are 5 finely decorated and equipped guest rooms, plus a presidential suite. A few steps higher on the second floor, an attractive bar "Mirador" (open 24 hours), product of a mixture between art deco and Moorish style, will surely keep you there sipping tasty Cuban cocktails at sunset.

Bellamar Caves

Visit the oldest tourist attraction in Cuba, open to visitors since the 1860s. The caves are extensive and impressive. There are quite a few steps down into the cave and it is slightly damp and rough underfoot, and also very warm.

Seafari Cayo Blanco

Excursion by Catamaran, snorkeling in a coral barrier reef, entertainment, music, lunch and open bar with Cuban cocktails in Cayo Blanco. There is the option to either swim with the dolphins or visit the dolphin show at Delfinario and enjoy a sunset party. M-Su (7 hours duration). 75CUC for the sunset party and dolphin show trip. 85CUC for the chance to swim with dolphins instead.

Tropicana Matanzas

Visit the newest Tropicana, the most famous cabaret of Cuba. An artistic production featuring Cuban dance, music and history. W-Su, 5 hours duration, 49CUC.

Parque Josone

A park in the middle of Varadero filled with birds, vendors, music and camel rides for the kids.

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