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By Train

Valkenburg’s station is located approximately 10 walking minutes from the centrum. The station actually claims to be the oldest operating one in all of the Netherlands. It features a historic exterior, but the inside has a modern appearance. If you wish to go to Maastricht, one of the great cities in the country, it‘s about a 30-minute train ride from Valkenburg. Trains run regularly throughout the day, with an approximate costs of 5-6 Euros round trip per person.

By Bicycling

Due to  the hilly terrain, the city and surrounding area are ideal for biking enthusiasts and makes a great form of Valkenburg transportation. In fact, the city has been the host of UCI Road Cycling World Championship four times, as well as a stage finish in the Tour De France in 1992 and 2006. Since driving isn’t possible in many areas of Valkenburg and walking may take too long for some people, biking is a great alternative.

Key places to visit
Thermae 2000, Castle Rock, Town Walls, Dino Monstercave, Area Historical Museum Valkenburg


Places to Visit

Thermae 2000

Thermae 2000 features: extensive bathing facilities, with several whirlpools; Lotus Bath in a beautiful botanical garden, with luxuriant tropical plants; sports facilities, yoga and meditation cells.

Castle Rock

On the south side of Valkenburg rises the Dwingelrots (Castle Rock), which is crowned by the ruined castle of the lords of Valkenburg. The castle was founded in the 12th century; the tower and the fortified communicating passages, some of them hewn from the rock, are later. After several sieges, and several rebuildings, the ruined castle was abandoned in 1672. There was a secret passage from the castle to the caves hewn from the rock below.

Town Walls

Of the old 14th century fortifications there remain two town gates, the Grendelpoort and the Berkelpoort, and some lengths of wall on the west side of Valkenburg.

Dino Monstercave

An amusement park that features life size statues of prehistoric dinosaurs, this thrill filled destination is an excellent choice for everyone, and not just the kids. Go see Monstercave where you can find the park's many dedications to these ancient giants, and learn more about what your favorite dinosaur was like in actuality. You can also enjoy many of the brand new rides now available throughout the park.

Area Historical Museum Valkenburg

The Area Historical Museum Valkenburg is a great first stop that will reveal many of the city's secrets and most significant historical happenings to visitors. Also available in this quaint and impressive little museum are beautiful modern arts exhibits from around the world that showcase the work of some of the most talented artists. The one hour tour is definitely worth your while, and you are bound to enjoy the artistic flair that Valkenburg has to offer.

Right Time to Visit

June - September


July - August -> 22(°C) - Summer
December - February -> 3(°C) - Spring


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