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By train

Vac is well served by MAV commuter trains from Budapest Nyugati station, forming the northern terminus of two lines. One is the Budapest - God - Vac route, which has 2 trains/h, takes 42 min to Vac, and costs 640 HUF (550 HUF with a Budapest travelcard). The other one is the Budapest - Fot - Vac route, which has 1 train/h, takes 85 min and costs 915 HUF (735 HUF with a Budapest travelcard). You should thus only take a train going to Vac via God and ignore those running via Fot.

By car

From Budapest take road #2 or 2/A (E77).

By water

Vac ferry connects the island of Szentendre . The island marina scheduled connecting bus ( 890 ) can be Tahitótfalu and Szentendre direction of travel. The anchorage is not only pedestrians but also can make use of road vehicles. The anchorage is operated by a private company.
Vac to Budapest - Esztergom (Bratislava - Vienna - Passau ) lies along the shipping route, and therefore daily basis from spring to autumn cruise ships Nagymaros , Visegrad and Zebegeny touch of Esztergom. Walking along the Danube River in summer and winter density cargo ship traffic monitor can display.


Key places to visit
Vaci Cathedral, Vaci synagogue, Vaci arch, Town Prison, White Temple, Vaci Diocesan Library


Places to Visit

Vaci Cathedral

The Vac Cathedral, officially called the Cathedral of Our Lady Vaci Diocese of Central-Vac, and the Lower Town parish is the parish church . Current parish Lajos Varga segdepuspok.The cathedral is planning Eszterhazy bishop decided. Vac then bipolar city, separated from each other palankkal area of Hungarians and Germans lived. Esterhazy, the two town just outside the bar in elbontatta and Constantine are formed in the square, the cathedral place later that it was time beepítetlenebb much as it does today. The Austrian Franz Anton Pilgramnak commissioned the design, which plan ornate late Baroque , twin-towered church was that of Rome St. Peter's Basilica , like columned kokolonaddal joining the field of ecclesiastical institutions, the papneveldehez and the episcopal palace, which is also at this time were built.

Vaci synagogue

The synagogue Vac Vac city of the Jewish Community Vaci owned Romantic style between 2003 and 2008 completely renovated synagogue .1864 , in Cacciari Alois Italian architect , designed by. The Second World War, survived the devastation of the synagogue intact, but then - of property - has become increasingly elhanyagoltabba, so much so that the threatened collapse. The roof caved in, there was a period when it was beaten homeless farm. The local government in the 90s at the beginning of Vaci Jewish community bought the building back then felújítatta. 2008 . on June 1 was opened to the building was completely restored, although the corresponding property Cleanup yet.

Vaci arch

The email then arch or as the locals referred to as Hungary's only Stone Gate Arch , which Maria Theresa was built in honor of Isidore Canevale designed by Viennese architect Louis XVI style in 1764 in. Migazzi bishop ordered the construction of the reception. According to an anecdote, it has only been built in two weeks, because the Queen is not elhajtatni car underneath. When he left a few weeks later, seeing that still stands, I can safely crossed underneath. A free-standing structure is renovated, the visitors to contemplate floodlight.
The building is an exceptional example of late Baroque art that has permeated the architecture is emerging neoclassical approach. The transition between baroque and classicism of the Louis XVI style with the correct classification.

Town Prison

Town Prison on Koztarsasag u. is still a functioning prison. It gained notoriety during communism and the Horthy regime for being one of the cruelest prisons in the area and there are several famous escape stories. Today you can get eerily close to the building and see the guard towers, as well as a memorial for those who were imprisoned and died there.

White Temple

The church was built in 1699 began in Vac Kalcher Martin's leadership, but in 1755 he was made ​​out, when the Virgin Mary in honor of consecrated. Originally, the Dominican order, the so-called. "White Friends" belonged to it under its name as well. After begging feudal church, the baroque and rococo style tower pointing to the shrine is located. The main facade is notable among the ornaments of the lute-shaped windows on either side of St. Dominic and St. Imre sculpture, hand over the main cornice Immaculata shape of the building.
The church interior with carved rococo furnishings of the most interesting part of the pillared altar with a bigger picture of Sun Pius is shown as praying for the success of the battle against the Turks.

Vaci Diocesan Library

The Vaci Diocesan Library of Vaci Diocese of public libraries.Founded in 1875 by Anthony Peitler Bishop of Vac. Until then, three different church library existed in Vac  Bishop Library, collegiate and Library Seminar Library. The Diocesan Library has been the foundation of three existing library stock of the Diocese, Bishop County Library was then called. The library further enrichment of the diocesan regulation promoted to pastor the church priesthood tale had to be vegrendelkezni County Library. Therefore, the Library of the Diocese of Vac bishops and canons , as well as the Vac diocesan clergy witness the spiritual life. The Diocesan Seminary in the Library after 1875 provided new library, instead, established in 1972, which was the Diocesan Library.The Diocesan Library is a major change in the lives of 1,989 occurred in political change. Today, the public library operates as a private. Enrich the texture. It seeks to provide the history of the diocese documents more fully obtain, college, both believers and researchers who can serve. The library is currently around. 120 thousand volumes.


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