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By Air

Amsterdam’s international airport, Schiphol Airport, serves many international flights per day and offers amenities including banking, restaurants and shopping as well as baby care and facilities for the disabled.

From the airport, travellers can choose to take a taxi, train or shuttle bus to Utrecht city. Trains depart from the NS Terminal at Schiphol. Passengers should follow the train icons to get to the departing rail terminal. Trains usually leave the airport train terminal every 30 minutes from 06:00 to 12:00, after which trains run hourly. Passenger may need to change trains at Duivendrecht, but the entire journey should take no more than an hour.

Shuttle buses usually leave the airport every 20 minutes, and they stop at many hotels as part of their designated route. Travellers are advised to check when booking their tickets that their hotel is en route.

By Rail

It is also very convenient to get to Utrecht by using the international train network. Trains from several major European cities arrive at Utrecht on a daily basis, as it is the centre of the Dutch railway network. Several trains also dock at Rotterdam, from where passengers can get a connecting train to Utrecht, with a journey time of about an hour.

By Bus

Europe has a good bus network system and many of the bus services stop directly at Utrecht’s main bus station, at Jaarbeursplein. Some international buses stop at Amsterdam and from here travellers can get to Utrecht by transferring to a connecting train or bus.  Alternatively, you can take a taxi.

Key places to visit
Zocher Park, Hoog Catharijne, The Dom, Museums, Canals


Places to Visit

Zocher Park

JD Zocher was the famed landscape architect who designed Zocher Park at the invitation of the Mayor of Utrecht. Zocher began his work of converting the bastions into a park in 1828, and the result is nothing less than astounding. Stretching over four kilometres, the park is a peaceful oasis of shady trees, flowering plants and pathways. The park is one of five Dutch parks that belong to the National Heritage.

Hoog Catharijne

Northwest of Mariaplaats, extending to Vredenburg, is Hoog Catharijne, one of the largest indoor shopping centers in Europe. In this luxurious complex 180 shops with a total floor area of 250,000 sq.m/300,000 sq.yd offer shoppers an immense and varied range of wares. The complex also includes facilities for refreshment (restaurants, cafes, bars) and entertainment (four cinemas).

The Dom

The Dom’s tower is known as the symbol of Utrecht, as it was built on the spot where the city was founded more than 2,000 years ago. From the top of the tower, visitors will be treated to a splendid view of the city that takes in the vista of the Utrecht Hills, St John’s Cathedral and the Amsterdam Arena. The cathedral itself is famed for its stained glass windows, and is home to one of the few remaining working neo-Gothic organs.


There are several museums to visit in Utrecht including the Central Museum and the National Museum. The Central Museum houses a collection of items that date back to the Middle Ages and the National Museum is home to the musical clock and street organs that once were a common feature of Utrecht. It also has an exhibition of musical clocks, fairground organs, pianolas and other old musical instruments. The Almhouses, mostly built in the 14th century, are very interesting, as their designs are quite unique. Many of the Almhouses have been declared World Heritage sites,  been recently restored and are occupied.


Utrecht’s canals contribute to the flavour and charm of the city. Visitors will enjoy strolling along the picturesque quaysides, lined with restaurants and shops. Some of the waterways, constructed in the 12th century, are still used today, and are bordered by beautiful old homes, shops and markets.

Right Time to Visit

May - September


June - July -> 0(°C) - Spring
December - February -> 27(°C) - Summer


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