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Usti nad Labem

Czech Republic
Usti nad Labem
Usti nad Labem
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By Air

Currently, an airport for small sports planes is under construction.The nearest airport for airliners is in Prague (92 km) or Dresden, Germany (75 km).

By Train

Usti nad Labem is an important railway node with four railway stations that is intersected by international lines Berlin-Vienna and Berlin-Budapest-Beograd-Sofia (Baltic-Orient).The backbone international line is the national railway line No. 090 – I.transit railway corridor State frontier Decin – Usti nad Labem – Prague – Breclav – state frontier which is part of the IV. Trans-European Multimodal Corridor.The re-construction on the way and the modernization of the line to meet the parameters of increased line speed will add quality to personal and commercial transportation. On the line section that intersects the city center interregional railway transpor-tation, suburban transportation and the backbone city mass transportation will come together.The Eurocity (EC) and Intercity (IC) trains connected to the European railway network stop regularly in Usti nad Labem Central Station.

By Road

The city is connected to the international highway E 442(Liberec, Decin, Usti, Dresden) and first class highways (I/8, I/30, I/13).The city is directly connected to the express highway D8 (Berlin – Prague) that intersects the western border of the city.Some sections of the highway are already in operation, with the completion of the entire highway in Czech territory currently planned for 2016.

By Ferries

The Elbe River Line is a junction with the West-European river lines opening access to Germany, Benelux countries, northern France and to important sea ports.The Elbe River Line is a part of the IV. Trans-European Multimodal Corridor.Freight transportation and pleasure cruises are run on the water line section Pardubice – Chvaletice – Usti nad Labem – Hrensko – Hamburg.

Key places to visit
Maticni Street Wall, Strekov Castle, Bohemian Switzerland, Ceske Stredohori


Places to Visit

Maticni Street Wall

The city gained notoriety in the late 1990s when a 150 m long wall was constructed along part of the Maticni Street separating family houses on one side from the tenement houses on the other.Since the latter were homes mainly to Roma, it turned into an international racist scandal.Mayor Ladislav Hruska promised local homeowners' representatives that the wall would be finished by the end of September, 1998.Foreign press arrived in Usti to investigate, and were told by aldermen that the wall was not meant to segregate by race, but to keep respectable citizens safe from noise and rubbish coming from the opposite side of the street.

Strekov Castle

Is situated in the village Střekov in the city of Ústí nad Labem. It was built at the beginning of the 14th century on a basalt rock above the river Labe to protect the important waterway and to collect duties. Střekov castle enchanted many world known artists notably Richard Wagner who was inspired to write a poem that served as basis for the libretto to the opera Tannhauser.

Bohemian Switzerland

Is a picturesque region in the north-western Czech Republic.It lies on the Czech side of the Elbe Sandstone Mountains north of Decin on both sides of the Elbe River.It extends eastward into the Lusatian Mountains and westward into the Ore Mountains.Its highest elevation is the mountain Decinsky Sneznik at 726m above sea level.It has been a protected area (as ChKO Labske Piskovce) since 1972.The region along the right side of the Elbe became a national park on January 1, 2000, the Ceske Svycarsko National Park.The National Park is adjacent to the Saxon Switzerland National Park (Sachsische Schweiz) in Germany.

Ceske Stredohori

Is a mountain range located in northern Bohemia, Czech Republic.The range is about 80 km long, spanning from Ceska Lipa (northeast) to Bilina (southwest) and from Litomerice (south) to Decin (north), intersected by the river Elbe.Ceske Stredohori is a nature reserve (Czech: Chranena krajinna oblast (abbr. CHKO), and the D8 motorway connecting Prague and Dresden is to traverse the mountains.This led to a number of controversies, and as of 2010, the Ceske stredohori is the last section of the D8 under construction.In the development of the game ARMA 2 data of this area was used to create the landscape for the game.

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