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By Air

Usak Airport (IATA: USQ, ICAO: LTBO) is the main airport of the city of Usak in the Aegean region of Turkey.

By Train

The Usak Railway Station is a railway station in Usak, Turkey.The station is service by 1 train a day the Alsancak-Usak Regional going to Izmir.

By Bus

Transportation by bus is available for all cities in Turkey from the bus station in the city.

By Car

Located on the Ankara-Izmir highway, Usak is 371km to Ankara and 211km to Izmir.

Key places to visit
Usak Museum of Archaeology, Usak Grand Mosque, Arkeoloji Museum, Burma Mosque, Ulubey Canyons


Places to Visit

Usak Museum of Archaeology

is an archaeological museum in Usak in western Turkey.Founded on May 23, 1970, the museum is best known for its exhibitions of Karun treasure.In the museum items are on exhibition like sculptures, pitchers with beaklike spout and stone axes from the Bronze Age, earthen dishes and glassware from the Hellenistic and Ancient Roman Period, stelae from the nearby Roman ancient ruin site of Blaundus.The most interesting items are of the so-called Karun treasure belonging to the Lydian Period.The artifacts, making a collection of 363 pieces, are dating from the 7th century BC. They were illegally excavated by villagers in 1966 from the tomb of a Lydian noble woman, smuggled outside the country and sold to the Metropolitan Museum of Art (The Met) in New York, USA.After their discovery in a catalogue of the museum in 1984, Turkish journalist Ozgen Acar informed the Turkish government, which launched a judicial case against The Met. After a legal battle, the collection was returned in 1993 to Turkey.

Usak Grand Mosque

is located in Usak province located in the center.Germiyanogullari understood from the inscription written in Arabic on the door.Germiyan inscription provinces lord Suleyman Shah, son of Mr. Jacob and the water brought in by the Shaban 822 Hijri PopularFX yazmaktadır.Bu inscription is actually a fountain in the courtyard of a mosque in northern değildir.Caminin of this inscription is understood to have started later thought to have been placed here.

Arkeoloji Museum

Very rich historical pieces of art from Calcholitic period to Byzantium period are exhibited in the museum which is reorganized in 1996 with the return of Karun Treasuries.Open hours to visit: 08.00 - 18.00.Open days to visit: Every day except Monday.

Burma Mosque

It is one of the 14th century Ottoman Period structures.Its construction date is not certainly known.It is burned on 1862 and 1922, and repaired two times on 1988.

Ulubey Canyons

It is a 75 km. long canyon composed of characteristics of geological structure at south and south west part of the city.

Right Time to Visit

September - December
January - May