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Russian Federation
Ulyanovsk Oblast
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By Air

Ulyanovsk is served by Ulyanovsk Vostochny Airport and Ulyanovsk Baratayevka Airport (Ulyanovsk Central Airport).

By Train

A railway bridge across the Volga was built in 1912–1916 and two automobile lanes were added to it in 1953–1958, allowing for the city to expand on the Eastern (left) bank of the river and transforming it into a local transport hub.The train takes you here from Moscow (from Kazanskaya train station) in approximately 16 hours or from Volgograd in about 20 hours.Train tickets range from RUR 500 (USD 20) to RUR 5,000 (USD 200) one way, depending on the amount of privacy and comfort.Ulyanovsk Main Station is located 6 km from the city center.

By Bus

Local transport in the city is provided by 17 tram lines, 7 trolleybus routes, 50 municipal bus routes and around 150 minibus services.

By Ferry

During summer there are boats from Kazan, Samara and other destinations on the Volga River.

Key places to visit
Ulyanovsk Drama Theatre, Ulyanovsk Puppet Theatre, Ulyanovsk Regional Museum, State Historical and Memorial Museum, Church of Ulyanovsk, Lutheran Church of St. Mary's


Places to Visit

Ulyanovsk Drama Theatre

Theatre with a long history (established in 1879 year).The first building was located Simbirsk theater at the intersection of Goncharova and Karl Liebknecht.Currently the theater is located at the intersection of Lenin and the Soviet.Location: City of Ulyanovsk, Sovetskaya Street, 12a.In pre-revolutionary years Simbirsky theater has one of the best troupes of provincial Russia.On its stage were such prominent figures of the Russian stage, the great Russian artists as V. Zhivokini , M. Savin, P. Strepetova, M. Pisarev, V. Andreev-Burlak.It started working director A. Tairov and playwright W. Bill-Belotserkovsky, based on the play " Storm, "which was based on historical events Simbirsk 1920 's.Theater Director: Natalia Nikonorova.Artistic director: the winner of State Prize, People's Artist of Russia Yuri S. Kopylov.

Ulyanovsk Puppet Theatre

is a puppet theatre formed in 1944 under the direction of N. and M. Misiura.In July 2007 the theater was named People's Artist of USSR, Valentina Mikhailovna Leontyeva.In 1945 the theater received the status of a professional.October 12, 1948 open season my hospital (a monumental house of XIX century urban planning architect. Shode) formed permanent company.The appearance of the hospital allowed to organize technical workshop on making decorations and dolls.Then the puppet finds and enrich their repertoire, focusing on the audience of school and primary school age is systematic work with schools.

Ulyanovsk Regional Museum

is a museum named after IA Goncharova's history dates back to 1895 when it was established historical museum in Simbirsk arheologichesiky Scientific Archive Commission.The official opening took place on January 1, 1896, but began receiving visitors in December 1895.Therefore, traditionally the birthday of the museum is considered to be in December 1895.The collection of the museum laid private donations, the largest of which was the archeological collection of VN Polivanov and numismatic - AV Tolstoy.In the replenishing the museum in the future actively participated PL Martynov, AK Rubies, VE Krasovskii and many other researchers of history and nature of the Simbirsk region.In the early 20th century in Simbirsk were established two museums: the Regional Natural History and the church. In March 1918 a decision was made to unite them and establish a single National Museum, which in 1932 officially became known as the local history.Currently, the museum has about 142 thousand units. A unique part of the fund are: archaeological and paleontological collections, collections of fabrics and folk costume of the late 18th - mid 20th century, coins, photographs, weapons, documents, artifacts 19 - 20 centuries. Collection of manuscripts, books, watercolors, drawings and personal effects Decembrist VP Ivashov (1798-1841) and his descendants known MV Trubnikov and O. Bulanova, collection of personal belongings, IA Goncharova (1812-1896) and his family, personal files of the scientist-entomologist, Professor AA Lyubischeva (1890-1972), inventor of the self-taught EE Gorin (1877 - 1951), statesman and first chairman of executive committee of Simbirsk VN Ksandrova, collection of materials ornithologists, hunters and explorer of the North SA Buturlin (1872-1938), twice Hero of the Soviet Union IS Polbin etc.

State Historical and Memorial Museum

is an urban-landscape complex, which includes within its borders the historic, architectural and memorial monuments of the city, memorable places associated with prominent historical figures edge. The main objective of the Museum-Preserve - to keep, and to recreate a modern museum means the historical appearance of the Russian provincial city of the second half of XIX - early XX century.he uniqueness of the Ulyanovsk Museum Reserve is its location: it occupies 174 hectares in the central part of the modern, developing city.This experience does not exist in Russia, nor in the world.

Church of Ulyanovsk

located in the city of Ulyanovsk region Zasviyazhskom, in an area informally called the Far Zasviyazhe.Top of the parish in the Far Zasviyazhe was initiated in 1995 the erection of a small panel chapel, where they read daily before akathists Reigning Icon of the Mother of God. At the same time has built himself Annunciation Church.The church is the only monument of culture and architecture of the XX century in Zasviyazhskom area since its construction was used running frame church dedicated to Our Lady of "The Omen" in the family estate in Karamzins Mainskaya district.April 25, 1997, Good Friday, in the church was committed first church service - removal of the shroud. A day later, on Easter Eve, was made the first Divine Liturgy.

Lutheran Church of St. Mary's

currently the main church of the Ulyanovsk-Samara probstva ELKRAS.It belongs to the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and Central Asia.The first information about the existence of Simbirsk (Ulyanovsk) belongs to the Lutheran community in 1777.The first Lutherans were small and were collected in a private home.In 1819 the community received permission to celebrate divine service on holidays and Scheduled days in the auditorium of Simbirsk provincial gymnasium.In 1821, in Simbirsk approved independent Lutheran church council society consisting of more than 200 believers.The first Lutheran church was built in 1847 on the draft AI Efimova and stood on a street corner, Moscow (Lenin Street) and Annenkovskogo Lane (J. Division) and was a simple brick one-story building. May 25, 1847 the opening and consecration of the church of St. Mary.The modern building of the church was rebuilt in 1913 on a draft of Simbirsk architect August Shode.The consecration of a newly constructed building church held at 10 am on November 3, 1913.

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