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By Air

Dong, Buk-Songjeong at Ulsan Airport, the Gimpo International Airport and Jeju International Airport, Yangyang International Airport is served by flights destined for Gimpohaeng flight KAL and Asiana Airlines has been serving both.Daehanhanggongman jejuhaeng Friday and Sunday flights which had been operated on, 2011 October 1 on the East Asian Airlines Jeju, yangyanghaeng flight was served.

By Train

A main railway Sea Nambu passed and jangsaengposeon, ulsanhangseon, onsanseon Station on Line and are present in the.However the nature of industrial cities passenger rail is greater than the proportion of freight.The railway passenger Taehwa gangyeok the center and hogyeyeok2010 November 1 KTX As made the opening two stages, Ulju Samnam sinhwari at the Ulsan Station was launching a sales existing Ulsan Station is a station Taehwa gangyeok was renamed to.KTX Ulsan City Tour with him and started a limousine bus service also from Taehwagang Station Busan's Bujeon connecting the East Nambu of the double track electrification project is completed, this section is operated by an electric train and Busan, Ulsan connecting Greater railway will act as.

By Bus

Currently 13 companies in Ulsan about 120 local bus routes are operated.Routes arterial roads tend to be concentrated in the organized but after the introduction of the City Loop Line bus to this trend the trend has been improved.Shuttle bus to and from other regions a Leeds city bus, city bus production, city bus there.High-speed bus in the Nam Dong trioxide Ulsan Express Bus Terminal is on the arrival and departure: Seoul Gangnam Terminal as well as Daejeon, Gwangju, Jeonju, East Daegu, Cheonan is destined for a high-speed bus service.

By Road

Route a 7 Line, 14 Line, 31 Line, 35 Line runs through the civil and Route 24 by the end of the this position length which reaches 194.8km national support parts of the world the Ulju Sangbuk near side Gyeongsangbuk cheongdogun leading to Route 69 two is a local road that loops the eastern region, in addition to line 1027 in the vicinity there are a number of subsequent parts of the world.

By Ferry

As an industrial city of Ulsan in her strong and vigorous nature of international trade, port traffic has been focused on the cargo: 2004 based on traffic in the Port of Ulsan the 160 million tons accounting for 16 percent of the entire Republic of Korea has been.Meanwhile, passenger transportation port near Busan and Pohang have not pushed by the development.Which is currently scheduled passenger flight route is not the past located in East Bangeo Ulsan International Ferry Terminal in Japan from Kokura international routes linking the opening (2002 April 25) as a bar but the reduction in passengers in 2004 on July 27 in the flight was aborted.

Key places to visit
Ganjeolgot Sunrise Festival, Taehwasa temple, Ulsan Munsu Football Stadium, Ulsan Grand Park, Jangsaengpo Whale Museum


Places to Visit

Ganjeolgot Sunrise Festival

Sunrise at the festival every year on December 31 and the next day on January 1 of the largest festivals that are held up, and tourists each year throughout the country marching festival more than 100,000 each time you establish a record of the visit is a festival: AM 7:31 Ganjeolgot on the horizon, some masked red sun jeomada two tteoohreuja event attendees that the elastic on both hands together silently scream or New Year 's wishes to wish digital cameras and mobile phone cameras to the picture to take home with them.

Taehwasa temple

There used to be the great temple called TaehwaSa around Taehwa Dong, Ul San Si in the age of the Silla Dynasty.The story about when JaJangYulSa was having spirituality in the nation of Dang at 5th year of Queen Sun Duk(AD 636) occurred here.Passing by TaehwaJiGa in SangDong peninsula, unexpectedly appeared SinIn who asked JaJang, "Is there any trouble in your country" Then JaJang said "We are being attacked by Kokuryo and Baekje we are bounded on Malgal to north and WaeGu (Japan) to south.There have been too many assaults for the people to worry about.Considering today's TongDo Temple, Taehwa Temple must have been the biggest temple that wrapped the areas including the village of Hwajin.Although GumDangJi in Taehwa Temple is regarded as BanTanGol, according to the poem TaehwaRu written by Jung Po in the age of King Choong Suk of Korea dynasty, there was Taehwa Temple.But it was thought that this temple had been destroyed when the WaeGu(Japanese Invader) had been prevailing in the late Korea dynasty.However in the poem of LeeWon we can find the Taehwa Temple.

Ulsan Munsu Football Stadium

is a stadium in Ulsan in South Korea.It is home to the Ulsan Hyundai FC.The stadium was built from 18 December 1998 to 28 April 2001 and its total cost was 151.4 billion won (US$116.5 million).Located in a major industrial city, the Ulsan Munsu football Stadium contains both mechanical and environment-friendly imagery.The overall shape of the stadium is in the shape of skull crown that symbolizes Silla and Bangudae Petroglyphs.The stadium has three floors and 2 basement floors and a seating capacity of 44,466. There is also an auxiliary stadium with 2,590 seats.Next to the stadium is Munsu Park with a lake, a fountain and bicycle courses.It replaced Ulsan Complex Stadium.

Ulsan Grand Park

is a in Ulsan, Nam-gu, downtown across okdong and sinjeongdong is The total area is approximately 3,620,000m2, the facility is an area of 790,000m2.Ulsan City is buying the site SK to construction of the facility in 1995 the Convention entered into in November the two sides embarked on composition.The SK 2005 Construction of the park complete with the municipal government donated free of charge.The park includes the lake and mountains and a wide variety of amusement parks and sports facilities on site are equipped with.

Jangsaengpo Whale Museum

The Jangsaengpo Whale Museum (opened on May, 31 2005) is the first and only whale museum in Korea and stands on what used to be a central area for the Korean whaling industry.After whaling was banned in 1986, 250 artifacts from whalers and the whaling industry were collected and put on display.Visitors can enjoy experience zones such as the Whale Belly Road or the Underwater Adventure Zone.Exhibitions include things like a Bryde's whale skeleton, a killer whale skeleton, a gray whale corner and whaling ships.

Right Time to Visit

January - February