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Tuxtla Gutierrez

Country: Mexico
State: Estado de Chiapas
City: Tuxtla Gutierrez
Type of Location: Multiple
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By air

Tuxtla Gutierrez has three airports: Llano San Juan Airport , the military Francisco Sarabia National Airport and International Airport Angel Albino Corzo.Of these, the former has been closed. Angel Albino Corzo Airport is located 40 minutes from downtown, in the neighboring municipality of Chiapa de Corzo . In 2009 they were transported 650 000 passengers. The airport infrastructure comprises 700 acres and 3 platforms. There are domestic flights by major airlines in the country and service to the United States with a direct flight to George Bush Intercontinental Airport in Houston , Texas via Continental Express , a subsidiary of Continental Airlines.

Key places to visit
Catedral de San Marcos, Faustino Miranda, Miguel Alvarez del Toro Zoo, Marimba Park, Sump Canyon


Places to Visit

Catedral de San Marcos

The Cathedral of San Marcos is a monastery located in Tuxtla Gutierrez , Chiapas , Mexico . It is the seat of the Archdiocese of Tuxtla Gutierrez . The building previously was the temple of a Dominican convent, and has been remodeled several times.The cult of St. Mark , patron saint of Tuxtla, dates from 1560 , when the friars Dominican convent in Tecpatl , the bishopric of Ciudad Real de Chiapa, built the first Catholic church in this town and dedicated it to St. Mark the Evangelist.

Faustino Miranda

The Botanical Garden "Faustino Miranda." Site located about 50 meters from the theater Emilio Rabasa, which exhibits the native vegetation of the region as well as information concerning this.

Miguel Alvarez del Toro Zoo

The Miguel Alvarez del Toro Zoo is a zoo in Tuxtla Gutierrez , Chiapas , Mexico .The zoo was founded in 1942 by Elisha Palacios for the study and conservation of the fauna. Originally located in a small area west of the city of Tuxtla Gutierrez, with just a dozen species and a small natural history museum. In 1949 the zoo changed its location, moving to the east of the city in the area known as Parque Madero.

Marimba Park

Named after the characteristic instrument of the state of Chiapas: The marimba. Built in 1993, to be a center for families, is characterized by colonial-style benches, lighting and central kiosk evoking the era of the century. In the musical auditions are held marimbas from the different municipalities of the state.

Sump Canyon

Sump Canyon, a deep hole located 5 km from Tuxtla Gutierrez , capital of the state of Chiapas , Mexico . This canyon is a cliff whose height goes somewhat beyond 1 000 m of the water level and stands on the banks of the Grijalva River , which has a depth of over 300 m . The fault line was opened for about twelve million years in the Sierra Norte de Chiapas. It is among the most spectacular in America, with walls rising more than 1 300 meters from the depth of the throat, where are the waters of the Grijalva River.

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