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Peru (General)
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By plane

    Trujillo airport has connections to Lima, Chiclayo, Cajamarca, Tumbes & Chagual for Huamachuco. Two airlines offer daily flights from Lima to Trujillo : LanPeru and Star Peru.
The airport is on the Huanchaco/Trujillo road, 5/10 km from them. There is a fairly universal ATM in the departure check-in area, & a US$5 departure tax from Trujillo & US$35 from Lima.

By train

There is no train service in the area. The nearest trains are to the north in museums in Chiclín(30 km) & Pacasmayo(100 km).

By car

If you must hire a car it is best also to hire an experienced local driver familiar with local driving habits who values his vehicle, human life and health.

By bus

Trujillo is on the Pan-American Highway with numerous connections south to Chimbote, Lima and north to Chiclayo, Piura, Mancora, and Tumbes on the border with Ecuador. Also to Otuzco & Huamachuco to the east, Cajamarca , Chachapoyas, Tarapoto and Yurimaguas to the north east, & Caraz & Huaraz to the South East.

By boat

15 Cruise ships arrive in Salaverry, 17km South East of Trujillo, during the summer months each year.

Key places to visit
Chan Chan, Huaca del Sol, Huaca de la Luna, El Brujo, Huanchaco


Places to Visit

Chan Chan

Chan Chan was added as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1986. The city is severely threatened by tornadoes from El Niño, which causes heavy rains and flooding on the Peruvian coast. It is in a fertile, well-watered section of the coastal plain.The city's ruins are additionally threatened by earthquakes and looters. Present-day visitors to Chan Chan can enter the Tschudi Complex, believed to be one of the later citadels built in the city. There are also several other Chimú and Moche ruins in the area around Trujillo. This site was discovered by the Conquistador Francisco Pizarro.

Huaca del Sol

The Huaca del Sol is an adobe brick temple built by the Moche civilization on the coast of what is now Peru. The temple is one of several ruins found near the peak of Cerro Blanco, in the coastal desert near Trujillo, Peru. The other major ruin at the site is the nearby Huaca de la Luna, a better-preserved but smaller temple.

Huaca de la Luna

Huaca de la Luna ("Temple/Shrine of the Moon") is a large adobe brick structure built mainly by the Moche people of northern Peru. It, with the Huaca del Sol, is part of Huacas de Moche, the remains of an ancient Moche capital city called Cerro Blanco by modern archaeologists.

El Brujo

The El Brujo Archaeological Complex, just north of Trujillo, La Libertad Province, Peru, is an ancient monument of the Moche culture. It includes Huaca Prieta (from preceramic times and later extended by the Cupisnique culture) and the nearby colonial remains of Salinar, Moche, Lambayeque, Chimú


Huanchaco beach is a summer vacation spot located in the northern city of Trujillo, Peru. Huanchaco is famous for a few things but particularly for being a surfer's dream spot and its caballitos de totora. The most famous food here is the ceviche. Huanchaco is nearby the very famous ruins of Chan Chan. Throughout 2008 the town underwent significant improvements with all streets being paved with decorative bricks and the main street landscaped with plants.

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