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Tres Hermanas, Cataratas las

Rio Cutivireni
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Water Fall
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By Plane

The city of Ayacucho is well served by the Coronel FAP Alfredo Mendivil Duarte Airport, which is just 4 km / 2. 5 miles from the centre and connected by inexpensive taxi transport. Domestic airlines, such as LC Busre, regularly fly northwards to the Jorge Chávez International Airport in Peru's capital city of Lima. Be warned the flight times are often subject to change with very little notice, and so always be prepared and keep an eye on the latest flight times and schedules.

By Bus

Highway 24 is an important regional artery and ensures that it is very straightforward and fast to travel to the Peruvian capital of Lima onboard a bus (nine hours), passing through the Andes, Pisco and Rumichaca along the way. However, don't pick the cheapest bus, the more you pay, the more reliable and comfortable the journey will be. Those travelling from Ayacucho to Lima won't regret using the Empresa Molina bus company, which is always a good transport option and based on the 9 de Diciembre.

Key places to visit
Mantaro Valley, Machu Picchu, Manú National Park, Sacred Valley


Places to Visit

Sacred Valley

Inca Sacred Valley, or El Valle Sagrado, the mountain valley of the river Urubamby in the Andes in Peru. Located just north of the capital, Inca, Cusco. Incas have lived in several villages, such as Pisací. Pisací combines the Indian market, a steep rocky ruins of agricultural terraces. Inca Sacred Valley is located between the villages Pisací and Ollantaytambo. It was the most important place throughout the inca empire and the most important place of maize.

Manú National Park

The National Park is home to a huge variety of rare plant and animal species. Manú National Park spread out in an area of tropical forests and the highest point is 4200 metres a.s.l. To the UNESCO World Heritage List was the park added in 1987.

Machu Picchu

Machu Picchu is the ruins of the ancient town of the Incas. The town is located in Peru in the Andes, in a saddle at an altitude of 2,430 metres. Machu Picchu is the biggest tourist attraction in Peru. It was founded probably between 1460 and 1470. Machu Picchu wasn't important from an administrative, commercial or military point of view. The reason why the town was founded in this place still hasn't been uncovered. Historians believe that it was built so that the Incas could be closer to their gods. It isn't known when Machu Picchu went down. It was rediscovered at the beginning of the 20th century. It was in 1911 when an American archaeologist,Hiram Bingham, found the ruins. In 2007, Machu Picchu was chosen as one of The New Seven Wonders of the World. The town was built above the valley of the Urumamba River and under the majestic mountain, Huyana Picchu. All the buildings in Machu Picchu were built in the Inca style with polished walls of regular shape. They were made of stone blocks, without using mortar. There were 140 buildings including temples, parks, residences and defensive walls. They were connected together with stone pavements and stairs. There were also fountains interconnected by channels, which served as an irrigation system. This system is still working today. In the centre of Machu Picchu is the temple district with a beautiful pyramid called The Temple of the Sun. There is a granite monolith Intihuatana located on the highest point of the pyramid. It functioned as a clock and was used for religious and ritualistic purposes. There is The Temple of Three Windows and The Main Temple. Another interesting building in Machu Picchu is The Torreón. It's a semicircular tower of sacrificial purpose. The hillsides leading to the centre of the town are terraced with small fields located on them.

Mantaro Valley

The town is located near the Mantaro Valley at an altitude of 3,271 meters above sea level. Huancayo is a commercial and cultural center of Peru's central Andes. The area belonged to the Inca Empire. Huancayo Spaniards were colonized in 1534. In the city there are several buildings from the colonial period. Panorama Huancayo shows mainly on modern architecture.

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December - April