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By Air

There is an airport nearby providing convenient connections in Mikawa-Anjo and Nagoya,with Nagoya having the fastest connections to Tokyo, Kyoto and Osaka.

By Train

The closest Shinkansen station is Mikawa-Anjo Station (often simply referred to as Anjo),but residents of Toyota usually use Nagoya Station because Nozomi and Hikari do not stop at Mikawa-Anjo.

Key places to visit
Toyota Stadium, Toyota Kaikan Museum, Toyota Municipal Museum of Art, Toyota City Folk Craft Museum


Places to Visit

Toyota Stadium

Is a 45,000 seat retractable roof stadium in Toyota, Aichi Prefecture, Japan.It was built in 2001 and is home to the J. League club Nagoya Grampus.It is also used by Toyota Verblitz, a rugby union team in the Top League.Its roof is unique in that it folds much like an accordion.Toyota Stadium is one of the venues of the FIFA Club World Cup (formerly the FIFA Club Championship and the Toyota Cup) from 2005 to 2008 and from 2011 to 2012.

Toyota Kaikan Museum

No entrance fee. Experience Toyota’s innovation as you freely take a relaxing tour of the Toyota Kaikan Museum. Various exhibits are available to allow you to have fun while learning about Toyota’s global efforts in safety, environmental issues, and vehicle manufacturing. In addition to exhibits introducing measures Toyota is taking to reduce carbon dioxide and gas emissions, to promote recycling, and to advance safety, the Virtual Factory section simply explains through videos and models the processes used in the manufacturing plants including presses, welding, coating, and assembly.There are many other points of interest including computers that let you design your own cars and more.

Toyota Municipal Museum of Art

Is built on the site of the ancient castle from which one can take in a view of all of urban Toyota City. This is the location of the castle of the old Koromo domain called Shichishu Castle.The gallery itself has the sophisticated air of a masterpiece featuring outdoor art exhibition spaces.With white forming a bright underlying tone to the interior, the museum is a comfortable and refined environment where one can spend time relaxing.The museum’s collection includes a broad range of Japanese and international pieces from the modern period to the present. One characteristic is the many art exhibitions hosted by the museum, avoiding getting caught up in the image of conventional art galleries. The exhibition rooms are designed to match the pieces of art to maximize their impact.
Adjacent to the museum is the Takahashi Setsuro Gallery, which introduces the works of the lacquerwork artist, Takashahi Setsuro.

Toyota City Folk Craft Museum

Is found in one corner of Hiratobashi Park, where one can enjoy the four seasons; cherry blossoms in the spring, schools of fish hopping from Yahagi River in the summer, and the colored leaves of autumn.Three museums, a Meiji-era western-style building, a climbing kiln, a Ryurei tea house, and other buildings covering the themes, clothing, food, and home are interspersed on the 1.3 hectare site. One can view exhibited pieces or spend some time taking a relaxing walk.In contrast to the modern way of life and extravagant lifestyle led on by the tends in society, why not consider how we should live through the medium of folk craft.

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