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Torres Vedras

Torres Vedras
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Airports nearest to Torres Vedras are sorted by the distance to the airport from the city centre.

    Santa Cruz Airport (distanced approximately 10 km)
    Lisbon TP Airport (distanced approximately 16 km)
    Ota Airport (distanced approximately 27 km)
    Sintra Airport (distanced approximately 31 km)
    Alverca Airport (distanced approximately 32 km)

Key places to visit
Castle of Torres Vedras, Castro Zambujal, Fountain of Pipes, Church and Convent of Grace, Church of Santiago (Torres Vedras)


Places to Visit

Castle of Torres Vedras

The Castle of Torres Vedras is located in the parish of Santa Maria and São Miguel do Castelo, a town and municipality of Torres Vedras, Lisbon district, in Portugal. It stands in a dominant position on a steep, steep hill, surrounded by the urban environment and afforestation. The early human occupation dating back to his farm Roman invasion of the Iberian Peninsula, as evidenced by numerous testimonies archaeological, like tombstones, coins and other artifacts, now in Municipal Museum, as well as analysis of the mortar in the masonry of one of the tanks of the castle. While Pinho Leal goes back to primitive fortification of Torres Vedras to the Goths and the Alans (Portugal Old and Modern), have been the Muslims that have rebuilt.

Castro Zambujal

The Castro Zambujal is a fortified town situated 3 km from Torres Vedras, whose origins date back to the third millennium BC in the early Copper Age in western Europe. Housed in a broader set of similar fortifications located in Extremadura (in the peninsulas of Lisbon and Setúbal ) is believed to have been the most important center of trade and smelting ore that zone.Their discovery was made to archaeologist torriense Leonel Trinity 1932. In 1946 he was elevated to a National Monument by the Portuguese State.

Fountain of Pipes

The Fountain of the pipes located in the parish of San Pedro and Santiago, the town and municipality of Torres Vedras, the district of Lisbon, in Portugal. The earliest reference to this fountain dates back to 1331. In 1561 it was rebuilt on the initiative of the Infanta D. Maria, daughter of Manuel I of Portugal. It was again restored in 1831. It is classified as a National Monument.

Church and Convent of Grace

The Convent of the Augustinians of Torres Vedras, popularly referred to as the Grace Church and Convent, is located in the parish of San Pedro and Santiago, the town and municipality of Torres Vedras, Lisbon district, in Portugal. Under the invocation of Our Lady of Grace, the convent was founded in the first half of the sixteenth century by monks of the Order of St. Augustine, in the place where previously stood the shrine of gafaria city.

Church of Santiago (Torres Vedras)

St. James Church is a church located in the parish of San Pedro and Santiago, in the municipality of Torres Vedras in Portugal. It was rebuilt between the end of the sixteenth century and the beginning of the seventeenth century. Presents a facade Manueline style and a bell tower.Inside, we highlight a pulpit in marble, dating from the seventeenth century, a spiral staircase, communicating with the choir, the latter being based on three arches, a ship of a barrel vault and the chapel with an altarpiece of Solomonic columns and tile eighteenth century. It also has a baptismal font sixteenth century.

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