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Russian Federation
Tomsk Oblast
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By Air

Tomsk Bogashevo Airport (IATA: TOF, ICAO: UNTT) is an airport that serves Tomsk, Russia.It is located near the Bogashevo village of the Tomsk raion of Tomsk Oblast.The airport opened in November 1967 and replaced another airport within the Kashtak district in the city of Tomsk.The Kashtak site was rebuilt with multistory apartment buildings and turned into a bedroom community of Tomsk.In 2004 and 2005, the passenger terminal and the open space in front of the airport were reconstructed at a cost of 70 million roubles.Construction of a new runway and facilities for flights to Central Asia began in 2006. The construction budget for 2006 totaled 120 million roubles.In fall 2006, construction will begin on a new road connecting Bogashevo to the Akademgorodok scientific research district.

By Train

Tomsk is a small railway centre that is situated on the Tayga —Bely Yar line (Tomsk branch) of the Trans-Siberian Railway.The main line of the Trans-Siberian railway, built in 1896, passes 50 km south of Tomsk and bypasses Tomsk.Access from Tomsk to the Trans-Siberian railway is available via the town of Tayga.A regional rail line links Tomsk with Tayga.The Tomsk Railway existed as an independent entity until 1961.At the present time, the Tomsk line belongs to the West-Siberian Railway, branch of Russian Railways Corp.Trains link Tomsk to Anapa, Asino, Barnaul, Bely Yar, Moscow, Novokuznetsk, Novosibirsk, Sochi and Tayga.

By Bus

The main part of inner-city and suburban transportation is provided by marshrutka collective taxis, over 1000 marchrutkas, mainly PAZ) minibuses, serve about 40 bus routes.Additionally the city has 11 proper bus routes, 8 trolleybus lines (built in 1967) and five tram lines (constructed in 1949).Private taxis are also readily available.

By Ferry

River transport is mainly carried out Tomsk shipping company.Passenger flights depart from the river port, used boats such as Dawn, Moscow.Earlier the court also used such as Rocket and Meteor.In the summer there are flights to the island Semeikin, warehouse, etc. Lower River vessels are also used for the organization of country walks, water recreation.Transport of goods in the period of navigation on the Ob and its tributaries.

Key places to visit
Trud Stadium, Siberian Botanical Garden, Korolevskii Theater, Tomsk Regional Museum, Tomsk Oblast Art Museum, Resurrection Hill


Places to Visit

Trud Stadium

is a multi-purpose stadium in Tomsk, Russia.It is currently used mostly for football matches and is the home ground of FC Tom Tomsk.The stadium holds 15000.It was built in 1929.Prior to their promotion to the Russian First Division, Trud lacked many facilities common to many European stadiums, including proper toilets.Once the team advanced and received increased sponsorship money, there were new stands built to increase the capacity of the stadium.The field was also improved with a subterranean heating system to contend with Siberian snowfalls.In preparation for the 2005 season in the Russian Premier League, substantial renovation was performed on the stadium.

Siberian Botanical Garden

is the first botanical garden in Russia in the Ural Mountains was founded in 1885 by botanist Porfiry Krylov Nikitich.Botanical Garden is a division of Tomsk State University.In 2004 the garden was declared a protected natural area of regional importance.In greenhouses and gardens in the open ground plants grow more than 6000 species (including over 2,000 species of tropical and subtropical plants).The central conservatory has a height of 31 meters is the highest in the world.

Korolevskii Theater

was being used by a group of communist revolutionaries when the theater was attacked and set on fire by members of the Black Hundred, a hard-line nationalist organization.Those who escaped the flames were gunned down by Black-Hundred members waiting outside the theatre.Estimates put the number of casualties at between 200 and 1000.

Tomsk Regional Museum

began work of March 18, 1922. Today in funds Tomsk regional museum there are 129138 subjects.The museum realizes the exhibition, research, cultural projects, uses computer technologies for expansion of access to museum funds.In a museum have work 142 employees, 34 employees make scientific researches.The museum actively cooperates with high schools, public organizations, and funds - financial donors.The museum makes many scientific and art editions (book, art albums, booklets).The employees of a museum have created the project of a stationary exposition.The museum plans creation of a stationary exposition in 2004.

Tomsk Oblast Art Museum

The Museum was founded in 1979 and opened in 1982.Its basis was formed by the collection of picture department of the Tomsk Museum of Regional Studies and Ethnography, which included small sections of Western European art of the 17-18th centuries, old Russian icons, painting and drawing of Russian artists of the 18-20th centuries.The Museum is situated in the centre of the town in a three-storied building.Today the collection includes more than 6.000 articles.For the most part these are works of modern art.The Museum runs scientific research, educational and exhibition work.In the Museum there is a lecturing bureau and video lecture hall.In view of major repairs the regular exposition is temporarily closed but every 1-1,5 months the Museum has a new exhibition.

Resurrection Hill

is amongst the most well-known tourist attractions in Tomsk and played an important part in history, as this was the very location where the city's original fortress once stood.As part of the recent 400 year anniversary celebrations, a replica of the actual Golden Gate was reconstructed here in wood and has become a much-loved local landmark.The Golden Gate is easy to spot since it features a tall central tower complete with domed roof.

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