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By Air

Kurumoch International Airport is located near the village of Birch and is located 70 km from the central part of Togliatti and 35 km from the regional center - Samara on the highway "Moscow - Chelyabinsk."In the immediate vicinity of the city (north-east of the village Russian Borkovka) built an airfield capable of accommodating helicopters and light aircraft. In addition, 20 km north of Togliatti, there are two small airfield - the Lower and Upper Sancheleevo Sancheleevo (sports). At present, local air lines in the region do not function that is associated with high rates of air travel and a good development of road transport.

By Train

After Togliatti is double track electrified railway "Syzran - Zhigulevskoe Sea - Samara" partially included in the rail network node Samara Kuibyshev Railway.The line provides freight and passenger traffic associated with the cities of Samara, Syzran, Zhigulevsk.Also, this line is the northern bypass on the way the loaded area, "Kinel - Star - Syzran."Actually on the bypass branch of the central path is only one railway station of the city: Zhigulevskoe sea. Togliatti station and two commercial stations: Himzavodskaya and Chemicals - are located on a dead-end branch. Such a passage of railways through the city and the region has led to a relatively weak city rail use.From Togliatti leaves only two passenger trains: no 065/066 Togliatti and Moscow no 667/668 Saratov Tolyatti, and even at some stations (Adler, St. Petersburg) are sent to trailer cars. Transit trains through the city did not pass. (For comparison, 22 of Samara sent to train and pass through Syzran 17 trains). He walks a few commuter trains in the direction of Samara and Syzran.

By Bus

Passenger services are provided by municipal autoenterprises (mostly by buses "MAZ-103"), trolley management as well as route taxis.Togliatti is the largest city of Russia, where there never was a tram system, with plans to build a tram regularly occur in the City Hall.Recent years, municipal passenger transport is in a state of crisis.The city annually reduced total passenger traffic in 2007 was transported 112.1 million people, accounting for only 94.7% by 2006.There is a tendency to reduce the number of municipal routes and increase the alternative: since 2005, was closed for more than 25 bus routes and 2 trolley.Many of the remaining have changed traffic patterns, increased range and reduced the number of machines.

By Road

In the southeastern part of the city, through the Komsomol district, traversed by major federal highway M5, which provides connection of the Central European part of the district with the eastern districts: Volga, Urals, Siberia and the Far East.From the northeast to the city right road of regional significance "Togliatti - Dimitrovgrad" connecting Togliatti, Stavropol region in the eastern part of the Ulyanovsk region. Highway adjacent to the highway Obvodny near the village of Vasilevka. Well suited to the city a number of local motorways connecting Togliatti with northern and western territories of the Stavropol region.Distance by road from Samara to Togliatti is 88 kilometers, to Moscow - 985 km, Saint-Petersburg - 1702 km.

By Ferry

River transport of Togliatti is represented by two companies: JSC "Port Tolyatti" and JSC "AvtoVAZTrans".The jurisdiction of the first passenger port is Togliatti, capable of receiving vessels of "river-sea".The port consists of eight trucks and two passenger terminals, river station, the hotel for 100 people.The main activities are the transportation of fertilizers, aggradation and sale of river sand. Passenger traffic represented only suburban areas, others are closed because of unprofitability.It is planned to build a modern container terminal, handling cargo river, railway and road transport.In Avtozavodskaya district operates a ferry of "AvtoVAZTrans" transports vehicles and passengers into the village Usolye and provides direct links to the city Shigonskim area the Samara area.

Key places to visit
The Wheel Theatre, Technical museum of Avtovaz, Museum of Vodka, Pilgrim Theatre, Festival of hydropower, Drums of Peace Festival, Museum Picnic


Places to Visit

The Wheel Theatre

is a drama theatre in Togliatti.Theater "The Wheel" was established in 1988.He thought the theater entirely new model.At the time the Soviet Union existed only stationary theater with a permanent company or amateur studio.In Togliatti, also before that time professional theater never had.Actually the theater was created in a very short time: March 2 1988 the Ministry issued an order on the opening of the theater "Wheel", and already December 15th 1988 the first performance was shown.In 2002-2006, the chief director of the theater was A. Morozov.After a series of conflicts in the company and the administration of the theater Morozov left his post.In August 2007 the chief director was one of the oldest country director Peter monastery.Under his leadership, the theater was delivered two performances, but after refusing to City Hall to provide additional funding, including for the reconstruction of the theater building, which is already 20 years old, he broke off his relationship with the theater.On October 2008 to appoint a new chief director not even planned.

Technical museum of Avtovaz

is one of the biggest war-history museums in Russia. It consists of two areas with one single ticket and represents the equipment that can be conditionally divided into armour equipment, engineering equipment, artillery, aviation, fleet.In 2000 on a lot with total area of 340 000 square meters, portioned by the city authorities, the erection of the pioneering objects, such as - the beautiful modern gate house, locomotive depot decoration in style of the early 20th century started. The exhibition areas were designed and the museum collection formed. In 2001 the grand opening of the museum took place. This museum is traditionally considered as a place, where the rarities are collected. There are so many interesting things here, each of them reminds of the former life and glory. Some exhibits are especially valuable. Such as the steam locomotive, designed in the beginning of the 20 century, the aeronautical engineering collection, airplanes, tanks, antiaircraft emplacements and the spacecraft. Among the rare exhibits, there are German truck "Bussing", American automobile "Studebaker", anchor chains with anchors, bastions cannons, made in the end of the 19th century. There is also the collection of the small exhibits of household appliances and implements. The carting route with the stands, shooting-range with special zones for different kinds of weapon, parachute tower, area for children too play will soon be opened on the territory of the museum and park complex.

Museum of Vodka

There is a unique sight the monument to the Russian vodka.It's the first and the only one in Russia.The Samara dweller Vasilij Ogolzov built the monument himself opposite his country house.This small monument is an upturned cast-iron pot on the fanciful base with the bottle labeled "Vodka Nikolaevskaja".5 years before that he had organized a Folk museum of vodka in Nikolajevka.The museum collection started in 1961 and it has been growing since then.The bottles of different shape and origin occupied the shelves in the barn, garage and the room in the house. These exhibition areas hold more than 6 000 glass exhibits and other materials and books including "The history of the Russian vodka".A lot of Samara people contribute to the museum collection with quaint shapes and names. Glass bottles in the shape of the mobile phone and hunting rifle, an open book and a shell, a beaver and a bear are on display here. People from all over Samara region come to see the unusual folk relic.

Pilgrim Theatre

is a puppet theater in Togliatti.Professional puppet appeared in Togliatti in 1973 year.Was initiated by the chief director of Kuibyshev Puppet Theatre 's Artist of Russia Roman Renz.He invited artists and specialists from Omsk, Orenburg, Kuibyshev and Saratov.October 25 1973, was played the premiere performance of "You are for me" based on Sapgir GV -staged puppeteer Savely Uralova.However, from the day before the premiere of the theater's own premises 10 years have passed.These years were the performances were played in schools, kindergartens, culture houses.Only in 1983 was at the theater had his own building, which formerly housed the Palace of Culture.This building is the theater so far.The building of this appeared largely due to the application of Sergey Obraztsov familiar with many members of the troupe of "Pilgrim."In 1984, he came to the theater and conducted creative meetings.The first was the artistic director of Theater R. Savely Uralov, in his time who studied at Obraztsova.Two of the performances put them still go on the stage of Pilgrim.

Festival of hydropower

is a Music Festival, held annually in Togliatti.The slogan of the festival is the phrase "Adrenaline in music and sports".The festival was the company Gespromo.In 2011 the festival was presented at the exhibition "ITM-2011".The first festival was held in the summer of HPS in 2007 to Mastryukovskie lakes.Subsequent festivals "HPP" were held in Togliatti, on the new site.It is a sandy beach of the peninsula Kopylova, located in the middle of the Volga River, opposite the Zhiguli Mountains.

Drums of Peace Festival

an annual international festival which takes place in the vicinity of Togliatti since 2003.Support for the festival has a Committee on Youth Hall of Togliatti.A feature of this festival is that it involved as professionals playing the drums as well as beginners who want to try their hand, to join the world culture drum music.The festival program includes master classes drumming, training of psycho-emotional stress, performance troupes from different parts of Russia, a gala concert with the participation of musicians from the USA, Lebanon, India, Israel and other countries.Organized by the Museum of the drums of the world, conducted ethno-exhibition and sale.The festival is held outdoors, participants living in tent camps and nearby tourist centers.It usually takes several days in a non-stop.

Museum Picnic

an annual event.Beginning in 1996, Togliatti held local history museum with the support of city hall.In 2007, the project involved 82 organizations and creative groups.Picnic attended by about 3,000 residents and visitors alike.The aim of the festival promotion of cultural initiatives.In 2009, the event was held May 23 and 24.On the first day - Fanny Park (Children's Park) Avtozavodsky area (it was attended by about 11 000 people), while the second - a traditional area in front of the local history museum (about 5000 people).

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