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By air

Airports nearest to Texcoco are sorted by the distance to the airport from the city centre.
    Torreon Airport (distanced approximately 180 km)
    Chihuahua Airport (distanced approximately 250 km)
    Monclova Airport (distanced approximately 290 km)
    Durango Airport (distanced approximately 320 km)
    Marfa Airport (distanced approximately 380 km)

Key places to visit
Cathedral of Texcoco, National Museum of Anthropology, Tezcutzingo


Places to Visit

Cathedral of Texcoco

Texcoco's Cathedral, dedicated to the Immaculate Conception , is located in the former Franciscan convent complex that rose in the town of Texcoco , to the sixteenth century . This is one of the first sets convenutales the Franciscan order lifted in the New World, to carry out the process of evangelization.The Franciscan friars built the first monastery in the area by the year 1526 , with the help of Indian labor in the area. The main church cunstruyo not until 40 years later, around 1576

National Museum of Anthropology

The National Museum of Anthropology (MNA) is one of the enclosures museographic major Mexico and Latin America. is designed to house and display the archaeological heritage of the peoples of Mesoamerica and to account for ethnic diversity country's current. The current building was constructed MNA between 1963 and 1964 at the Bosque de Chapultepec on the instructions of President Adolfo Lopez Mateos , who opened on September 17th of 1964 . Currently, the building of the NAM has 23 permanent exhibition halls, a temporary exhibition hall and two auditoriums. Also featured are the heritage of the National Library of Anthropology and History .


Texcotzingo is considered one of the first botanical gardens in the world , along with the gardens of Montezuma in Huastepec . The gardens and archaeological site are located approximately 32 kilometers to the northwest of Mexico City . Located in the municipality of Texcoco , in the State of Mexico and occupies an area of 122 hectares.
Texcotzingo was adjacent to the city capital of Texcoco , and served as the imperial summer gardens, and shone with all the royal paraphernalia of the time, including the imperial residences and courtesans, also had a truly exceptional water supply. However, Tetzcotzingo also be viewed as a sacred space/hedonistic, agricultural space, a kind of political statement or emblem, a performance space and land jobs.

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November - February


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