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Cautin Province
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By Air

Maquehue Airport is commercial air terminal for Temuco located to the South of the city.Because its low capacity, the Chilean Airport Direction is projecting a new and bigger airport for Temuco.It would be located near Freire, about 20 minutes southern from Temuco.At the time there is a controversy because it would be located in Mapuche areas.

By Bus

Buses and collective taxis are the most popular massive transport.The bus fare is $120 for students and $350 for adults the colectivos charge $400 ($500 at night).Regular taxis are also available.Drivers often disregard marked traffic lanes and many buses and collective taxis will stop virtually anywhere to take on or discharge passengers.

Key places to visit
Alemania Avenue, Cerro Nielol, Main Square, Campanario Tower, Cautin River, Anibal Pinto Square


Places to Visit

Alemania Avenue

Is the principal artery in Temuco. Here we can find The Araucaria Museum building (19th century Chilean style); the Menchaca Lira Campus of Art Building (a Victorian Style building, recently restored); The English Alley, where we can find the Red Cross Building and not long ago an blue house which was dismantled to be rebuilt elsewhere (as a Heritage recovery project by the school of architecture of a known University of Temuco), both Neoclassical styled.

Cerro Nielol

The Nielol Hill represents the original forest of the whole southern Chile area as it was before the Spanish people colonize it.It has also a special meaning for the Mapuche population.We can also find a restaurant at the top and a viewpoint of the east side of the city and Padre Las Casas,across the river.It is a "must" for visitors.The Southern Andean Volcano Observatory has its office there.

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