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Airports nearest to Tatabanya are sorted by the distance to the airport from the city centre.

Per Airport (distanced approximately 46 km)
Tokol Airport (distanced approximately 49 km)
Budapest Deli Railway Airport (distanced approximately 53 km)
Azentkilyszabadja Airport (distanced approximately 64 km)
Budapest Airport (distanced approximately 65 km)

Key places to visit
Jaszai Mary Theatre, Selim cave, Gerecse Mountains, Tatabanya Museum of Culture House


Places to Visit

Jaszai Mary Theatre

The Mari Jaszai Theatre, commonly known as the People's House Tatabanya most important cultural institutions of the city's cultural and artistic life of determining venue, the intellectual center.The People's House is the oldest cultural institution in Tatabanya.The Treasury 1913 started the construction, and in 1917 handed over to the institution for the purposes of culture.Since then, the city's most important cultural institutions.In 2007, signed by the city's investment in the reconstruction of the Hungarian Civil Zrt of which about £ 3.2 billion in total costs is completely redesigned with new features and received the People's House.The building works Tatabanya City Library, which is the 2009th 4 September (this year held in Tatabanya Central National Miners Day) opened.

Selim cave

The Cave in Tatabanya over Stone Hill, 289 meters above sea level is located.Significant archaeological sites, which many legends.The neighboring Turul monument, a few years to get the trail built cave.One legend says that the Mongol invasions of the cave, looking for refuge in surrounding villages.When a little boy named John thirsty and began to cry aloud, and his mother took him to a nearby source.There are however captured the Tartars, who were forced her to betray the hiding place of rest.Having raided the unarmed population, children and the women lit the cave, the men are taken away.While no doubt the veracity of the legend, the cave is not far from sources of John's source is called.Another legend says that seven villagers fled to the Turkish occupation the walls of the cave, I Ottoman Sultan Selim, however found a hiding place and they set fire to it.

Gerecse Mountains

Gerecse Mountains in Transdanubia, in the mountains Dunazug triangular, the westernmost part.Average height of 400 meters.Area of 850 km2.The highest peak of the Great Gerecse 634 meters high.Predominantly Dachstein limestone, partly Upper Triassic dolomite forms.Sedimentary building materials (limestone, sandstone, clay, marl) local forms are famous for the limestone caves in the Jura limestone "vorosmarvanya", the Eocene, Oligocene strata of coal mining, cement raw material, marl, the Danube River slopes thick loszretegebe cut deep paths, loess wall.The Vertes Mountains to the Tata-ditch, the Pilistol the Dorog Basin (Dorog - Pilisvorosvar between the trench), the Buda Mountains of Zsambek Basin separates.On the west side of Little Plains fringes of the border.The northern slope of the Danube towards the sharp end.

Tatabanya Museum of Culture House

a local history exhibition and Boglar Louis South American ethnographer ethnographic collection.Open-air Museum of Mining - Industrial Open Air Museum: the former mines in Series XV-shaped, six-door houses and school history museums.

Right Time to Visit

November - February