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By Air

Air Greenland operates helicopter services from Tasiilaq Heliport to neighboring Kulusuk Airport, which offers connections to Nuuk, Ittoqqortoormiit via Nerlerit Inaat Airport, and to Iceland.The heliport serves as a local helicopter hub with flights to several villages in the region: Isortoq, Kuummiit, Sermiligaaq, and Tiniteqilaaq.

By Ferries

In the summer, the cargo boats of Royal Arctic Line connect Tasiilaq with Kulusuk,providing an ad-hoc alternative for the helicopter flights of Air Greenland.

Key places to visit
Tupilaks Museum, Tasiilaq Mountain Hut, Gunnbjorns Fjell, Ammassalik Area, Kuummiut


Places to Visit

Tupilaks Museum

In Tasiilaq you should visit the little museum, which is built inside the town's old church.This will give you an insight into the fascinating East Greenlandic culture and you can see examples of the fine figures made out of teeth and bones that East Greenland is known for.Take a peek inside the beautiful church, which is decorated by Greenlandic artist Aka Hoegh.

Tasiilaq Mountain Hut

Is an ideal base camp for mountaineering in the area north of the village of Kuummiut. Numerous glaciers flow towards the fjords, with countless peaks of different levels surrounding the hut.The season starts in April, when daylight grows longer and the temperature starts to rise quickly.The spring months usually have stable weather, and you will enjoy long hours of daylight. A combination of skiing and climbing is recommended until June.The land is generally eroded and there is need to take care of loose rocks and boulders.We recommend you to seek local support in making your plans.Guides can also be arranged.please contact well in advance for guide service.Charters of twin otter, helicopter, boat or dogsled are available. Please inquire.

Gunnbjorns Fjell

Gunnbjorns Fjell 12,119ft in the Watkins Mountains is the highest peak in Greenland, located on the east coast between the two towns Tasiilaq and Ittoqqortoormiit.The ascent is not technically difficult, but due to the isolated location and Arctic climate, an expedition to this area is a challenging one. Once you have established a base camp, neighboring peaks such as Qaqqaq Kershaw (or the Dome, second highest peak at 3683m/12,083ft) and Qaqqaq Johnson (or the Cone, 3669m/12,037ft) are also attractive targets.If you prefer to scale peaks that no one has set foot on before, there are plenty of options in this area.An expedition to the Watkins Mountain range usually departs directly from Iceland.Arrangements can be made locally, including detailed information and advice on the area.

Ammassalik Area

is a paradise of unspoiled nature and miraculous mountains offering countless opportunities for all levels of hiking and trekking.A number of day trips can be made from Tasiilaq through a lush valley of Arctic flowers, or to a nearby peak with a glorious view of the Atlantic Ocean with it’s huge icebergs from the icecap of Greenland and ice floes from the North Pole.A hiking trip can be planned for anywhere between a few days to a few weeks.For longer trips logistics support such as moving your equipment and provisions can be arranged locally.Base camps from where you can make day trips can also be found for different levels of activities.Make sure to wear sturdy hiking boots, as the land is often eroded. There is need to be careful of loose rocks and boulders.The following areas are examples of the many possibilities.


Kummiut is the largest settlement in the area next to the town of Tasiilaq, with a population of 400. The people live mostly on fishing and hunting, and you will have a glimpse of the life in one of Ammassalik’s settlements a mixture of modern and old  houses, motor boats,dogsleds and a more traditional lifestyle.A trip from Kummiut will take you into a landscape of glaciers surrounding you, huge icebergs, and possibly vast icepacks almost blocking the fjords.The mountains are higher and steeper in this area, reaching 2000m.East Greenland is famed for its spectacular mountains and here you will get a glimpse of some of the majestic peaks.

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