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Nearest airports to Tarouca are sorted by the distance to the airport from the city centre.
   Vila Real Airport (distanced approximately 29 km)
   Viseu Airport (distanced approximately 34 km)
   Alijo Airport (distanced approximately 45 km)
   Ourilandia Airport (distanced approximately 49 km)
   Mirandela Airport (distanced approximately 69 km)

Key places to visit
St. Peter's Church of Tarouca, Convent of St. John Tarouca, Tower Ucanha, Monastery of Santa Maria de Salzedas, St. John of Tarouca


Places to Visit

St. Peter's Church of Tarouca

The Church of San Pedro de Tarouca located in the county of Tarouca in Portugal. Your first document date 1163. In the structure of the church, are visible details of the Romanesque style, the transition to Gothic.

Convent of St. John Tarouca

The Convent of St. John Tarouca located on the slope of the Sierra de Leomil, overlooking the valley of the River Varosa, in the parish of St. John of Tarouca, county Tarouca in the district of Viseu in Portugal. Constituted the first monastery of the Cistercian Order in the country, founded in 1144. In 1152, after the victory of D. Afonso Henriques over the Moors in the battle of Trancoso, was thrown the first stone of the convent church.A new dormitory and the tower bell was erected in the sixteenth century. The last phase of the expansion works of the monastery took place in the nineteenth century .In 1938 we proceeded to the restoration of the altarpieces, notably that of St. Peter, attributed to Onix.

Tower Ucanha

The Tower of Ucanha located in the parish of Ucanha, county Tarouca, district of Viseu in Portugal. It is classified by IPPAR as National Monument since 1910. The scholar José Leite de Vasconcelos, born Ucanha points out three main reasons for building the bridge and tower Ucanha, launched on the river Varosa near Tarouca a few miles of Lamego : the defense at the entrance of couto monastic of Salzedas , the master of ostentation, quite obvious from the high tower, and tax collection, the economic value that would represent to the Cistercian monastery erected near.

Monastery of Santa Maria de Salzedas

The Monastery of Santa Maria de Salzedas is situated in the parish of Salzedas, county Tarouca, Portugal. Belonging to the Cistercian Order, the date of the twelfth century, and its space was donated by the wife of D. Egas Moniz. Underwent expansion works in the sixteenth, seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, particularly in terms of the facade and cloisters.

St. John of Tarouca

St. John is a Tarouca parish Portuguese in the municipality of Tarouca, with 606 inhabitants.The parish of St. John Tarouca consists of five villages ( Couto, Pine, St. John of Tarouca, Vila Cha do Monte and Vilarinho ) harboring more than seven hundred people, with the parish seat of St. John Tarouca.The town of Sao Joao de Tarouca is 15 km from Lamego and the visit becomes a road Tondela to the top of Mondim (EN 329) where it turns left onto a road between pines. It is a village in the process of continuous development, but never loses its rural appearance, making it a place frequently visited.

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