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By Air

The closest major airport to Tandil, Argentina is Astor Piazzolla International Airport (MDQ / SAZM).This airport is in Mar Del Plata, Argentina and is About 155 km from the center of Tandil, Argentina.

By Bus

Tandil’s excellent public transportation system reaches every important sight.Bus 500 (yellow) goes to Dique del Fuerte, bus 501 (red) goes to the bus terminal and bus 503 (blue) goes to Cerro La Movediza, the university and the bus terminal.

Key places to visit
Cerro El Centinela, Independence Park, Lake of Fort, Easter on Mount Calvary


Places to Visit

Cerro El Centinela

The hill is referred to as The Sentinel by a granite seven feet high, of singular aspect, located vertically on a small base. It is the place that serves as an environment legend that a white-skinned young disappeared when it was observed. Legend has it that was captured by soldiers who took advantage of an oversight, but the girl managed to escape from his captors and threw herself into a deep well with water to lose them, disappearing in it.

Independence Park

It is located a thousand feet from where was summoned to Fort Independence, has a height of 280 meters above sea level. Its entrance is a cover of granite romantic Renaissance style, gift in 1923 (the centenary of the city) by the Italian Community. On top of that is the Moorish Castle, a grant from the Spanish community to the city made in 1923 for the same reason, here you can reach via a pedestrian path through the woods or driving by another paved road.They also located the statue of Martin Rodriguez, created by sculptor Arturo Dresco, and two old cannons original ornamented by conifers and Italian style gardens providing several natural viewpoints, also has a road that joins the Strong Lake surrounded by a landscape unchanged. In one of its sides lies the Amphitheatre "Martín Fierro", an amphitheater with a capacity of 2500 people where they develop annually the Scenes of the Redemption.

Lake of Fort

It is a concrete dam forming a lake of nineteen acres, which contains the waters of the creek from the fort. It opened in 1960 to counter the severe flooding that affected the city. The site is operated resorts offer water sports and fishing, while providing opportunities for recreation and relaxation.

Easter on Mount Calvary

The Holy Week in Tandil attracts tourists from all over the country, and that religious activities related to the holiday. These are centered in the Mount Calvary, where the ordeal is done, is done on Holy Thursday called ordeal of youth, the Good Friday Procession starts from there ending in the Parish of the Blessed Sacrament and at night Way of the Cross makes a torch.Since 1948 Scenes are made ​​of Redemption, in the amphitheater Martin Fierro. Night is a play that recounts the last days of Jesus Christ.The staging requires the work of over two hundred actors who perform work on a stage set up on the slope of Independence Park.The set includes depictions of temples, tombs and even mounted on the stone streets and wooded scenery. The show culminates with the representation of the crucifixion and ascension of Jesus.Diagonal Arturo Illia in Independence Park in recent years made ​​a craft fair, where you can buy crafts from all over the country and called Flavours Fair where local food manufacturers exhibit and sell their products.

Right Time to Visit

November - February
April - July


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