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How to Reach

By Train

You can take the Chuo line heading towards Nakatsugawa from Nagoya. The trip takes about 45 minutes. This is the easiest and quickest way into the city.

By road

Chuo Expressway - Tajimi IC
National Route 19
National Route 248

Key places to visit
Museum of modern ceramic art tajimi, Eihoji Temple, Tajimi Shudouin, Ceramics Park Mino


Places to Visit

Museum of modern ceramic art tajimi

Japan, most likely, has the largest number of ceramic museums in the world. There are some incredibly fine museums dotted throughout the land both large and small. Some are devoted to a single potter while others cover one style or region. There are many that fall somewhere in between as well.Recently a new ceramic museum opened in Tajimi City as part of the large Ceramic Park complex just a short drive from Tajimi Station and down the road from the Gifu Prefectural Ceramic Museum. In the Ceramic Park is the wonderful Museum of Modern Ceramic Art, which I recently visited.   
The museum is: "focused on the theme of modern ceramic arts. The museum collects modern and contemporary ceramic works from within Japan and around the world. The museum's goal is to hold a variety of exhibitions in the future. In order to promote a new culture of ceramics, the museum also plans to collect and exhibit utilitarian ceramics, an area overlooked by most other museums, as well as industrial ceramics from the realm of modern design."

Eihoji Temple

This temple is a hidden gem. A very good place to see the fall colors and the cherry blossoms. The main attraction is the small bridge over a pond. It makes for some very picturesque views. There is free parking for the temple near the Chuo line train tracks, at GPS coordinates . (As of October 2010, some surrounding temples are undergoing construction. The main temple is still accessible, but two of the four paths to the temple are closed for walking.)

Tajimi Shudouin

This nice old monastery built in the early 20th century makes for a nice visit before or after Eihoji Temple and a nice break from temples. You can also buy wine and other Christian related items at the gift shop.

Ceramics Park Mino

Another venue dedicated to ceramics. There is also a lookout platform near the park which gives a nice view of Tajimi.

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