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Departamento de Tacuarembo
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By Air

The nearest airport is Montevideo Carrasco International Airport (IATA: MVD) is about 30km east form Tacuarembo.Airport transfer by bus costs about UYU20.The Airport Taxi to the center costs UYU800 or USD40, metered and prepaid prices were about the same (Oct 2010). Payment in USD is possible, but using UYU works out to be about 20% cheaper.

By Bus

A ticket from Montevideo 3-cruces station is about 360U$ (07/2008, 18.50US$, 12EUR) per person in a comfortable coach and takes about 5 hours.The city is fairly small and almost everything interesting can be reached either by walk or by catching one of the frequent taxis.

Key places to visit
Carlos Gardel Museum, Ipora Seaside Resort, Fern Cave, Rincon del Bonete


Places to Visit

Carlos Gardel Museum

In Valle Eden,only 21 kilometers from Tacuarembo, there stands the Carlos Gardel Museum,where the birth of the famous tango singer is evidenced as occurred on December 11, 1887 in this small Uruguayan territory.High is the controversy about Carlos Gardel's origin.Inside this venue, a history so merciless that it seems hard to believe is told. However,it unveils the birth of the “criollo thrush” as the singer used to be known and the reason for hiding information to such an extent that confusion arose.

Ipora Seaside Resort

Only 7 kilometers from the center of Tacuarembo,there lies the Iporá bathing resort,which is furnished with an important infrastructure to welcome tourists, especially in the summer.It is obvious that whenever this season is mentioned,it is hardly ever related to Northern Uruguay, which sounds more like the countryside and gaucho festivities than like beaches and sunshine.However, Tacuarembo has this interesting offer to be enjoyed in the summertime,especially if the idea is to rest.Its name Ipora is a Guarani word: “i” means water and “pora” is a diminutive of beautiful, clear, good or nice.Nothing more eloquent to refer to this delightful spot immersed in nature.

Fern Cave

Even though this new tourist destination is being promoted, it still does not have the necessary infrastructure for visitors to reach it without problems.Of course, this somehow makes it even more attractiveTo reach the cave, we went northeast along Paul Harris Avenue, crossed two brightly colored bridges and turned left at the first intersection into Gutierrez Ruiz Avenue.We reached a fork in the road: to right, it lea to Ipora resort and to the left, a basalt road led towards the cave.There were still eight kilometers to go.The access gate was on the right.

Rincon del Bonete

This contention dam was the first hydroelectrical dam to be built in the country.It features an artificial lake which occupies about 120,000 hectares, where fishing and nautical sports may be practiced.Nice moments in contact with nature may be enjoyed at the camping sites surrounding the city.These green spaces are equipped with everything necessary to spend the day.Bars, restaurants, recreation areas, playgrounds, courts and fields for practicing various sports and bathrooms with showers are some of the services provided.There are nooks of great beauty and quietness in every bend of the river.

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