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Jasz-Nagykun-Szolnok Megye
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By train

Szolnok has excellent train services  you can travel to/from Budapest (1004Ft, 1¾ hours, 100km), Debrecen (1420Ft, 1¾ hours, 120km), Nyiregyhaza (1828Ft, two hours, 170km), Bekescsaba (1004Ft, 1½ hours, 95km) and dozens of points in between without changing. For Miskolc (2030Ft, 3¾ hours, 185km), change at Hatvan Cegled is where you transfer for Kecskemét (544Ft, one hour, 60km) and Szeged (1624Ft, 2¾ hours, 145km).

By bus

Buses go to towns around Hungary, including Jaszbereny (725Ft, 1¼ hours, 55km, eight daily), Kecskemet (846Ft, 1¾ hours, 65km, seven daily), Budapest (1150Ft, 1¾ hours, 95km, two daily), Szeged (1690Ft, three hours, 135km, seven daily) and Tiszafured (907Ft, two hours, 70km, three daily).

Key places to visit
Szolnok Castle Szolnok in the middle of the Great Plains, an important aquatic and terrestrial nodes formed by the intersection of the 10th-11th century. The water transport, Souto oversee, yew trade, and in Transylvania and in was built military roads,


Places to Visit

Szolnok Castle

Szolnok in the middle of the Great Plains, an important aquatic and terrestrial nodes formed by the intersection of the 10th-11th century. The water transport, Souto oversee, yew trade, and in Transylvania and in was built military roads, and the capital's proximity (100 km) due to the Turkish conquest era, the 1848-49 revolution and war of independence, the Council of the Republic, during the II. World War II and in 1956 showed the importance of place. It is no coincidence that today is a major military base is located here. For similar reasons, developed in 1551-52 was also the only long palankvarként existing castle. Responsibility of the Turkish army and the arrest of the former backbone of the country, the Highlands have been protecting. The castle is now in Szolnok not be fully visible, but traces remain. Even the arpad-era castle was also the Tisza and Zagyva mouth palankvar the actual construction, however, only took place in 1551. The Turks , and even the imperial governor of the castle in the 17th bovíttették century, the Rakóczi War of Independence , after the decay, however, certainly did osztalyrészéül. Construction, the stones looted.

County Hall

The Szolnok county hall on Kossuth Street 2nd During the eclectic buildings.The county's one-storey house, the building in 1878 was raised. The building is representative of the staircase inside the council chamber and classical beauty deserves attention.
The two-storey basement, free-standing building facade on the ground floor arcade, on the second floor loggia. The main front wing windows framed faloszlop couples, they are above the tympanum is small. This solution is repeated in the side windows too extreme elevations. The main facade is placed on top of the county's coat of arms. The building Benko Charles architect, the construction work Pucher Joseph directed architect.
The rear-facing facade of the Tisza in 1926 in Zombory Louis painter, architect than the original ornate design.

City Hall

In Szolnok, Kossuth Square in the Town Hall.Szolnok is the main square in 1881 was a single-storey building in its present form in 1884 was awarded. The building 's eclectic style, and 19 Since the end of the century houses the Town Hall. There is a memorial plaque on the wall, Kossuth Lajos commemorate the visit of the Town Hall balcony said recruiting speech in 1848 . 27 September . The ground floor of City Hall, at the beginning of the last century, shops were. The square in front of him instead of the market.

Casino City

The former city casino, now Science and Technology Hall in 1896 , built in eclectic style. The casino is located on the main street, one-storey L-shaped corner, the eclectic style of well-preserved buildings. The corner above the entrance features a circular balcony, dome rezboritasú. 1985 was completely renovated historic buildings has been carried out, the exterior has remained in its original state, and its interior is essentially not changed. Artist and conference and exhibition centers are present. Attic club library work.

Water Tower Square Eotvos

The water tower is the idea of building in 1902 was raised, the rapidly growing city, to serve the fast growing population necessitated the construction of water systems. Several plans, it was decided to place after application and construction. The computer then novel technique of reinforced concrete tower structure was decided. The application Ast Ede & Partners won by designers, then place the animal in the fair ground Stork kocsmanal been appointed. 1909 began in the construction and already in 1910 was transmitted. More than 60 years the city was serving a 36-meter-high, 600 cubic meters of reservoir building. The tower is octagonal and holds eight concrete pillars, iron furniture is inside.

St. Francis Xavier Chapel

The Chapel of St. Francis Xavier in Szolnok , in Ady Endre Street and Chapel located at the junction.The chapel in 1733 was built, the plague of memory. Originally it was well outside the city limits. (The then-Szolnok Tisza, today the hotel office door No. 1 and spread.) Oda buried victims of the epidemic. Now a protected monument in the city. 1735 was consecrated, Nicholas Tuchinszky Szolnok Franciscan priest. The St. Francis Xavier Chapel, XIII. Pope Clement Under Regulation, 1767 . Jan. 21 from the pilgrimage place. The tower later, 1,808 were built. Baroque -style facade of the tower in front of a small, barrel-vaulted interior, a small sanctuary. 1832 Szolnok city's patron saint since St. Francis Xavier

Korosi Street water tower

The Water Tower Road Korösi or MAV-scale water tower, Szolnok , pathological way first number below.In 1900 it was built in the 27 meter high water tower, eclectic style. Decagonal reservoir timber, topped with a small tower above the entrance of a triangular pattern. It is no longer used by industry, historical monuments. Today, unfortunately, very poor condition: the roof collapsed in several places, the tree is larger reservoir pieces fall off. The stone is relatively better shape. Inside, visitors can not be closed.

St. Stephen's statue

In Szolnok, St. Stephen's statue of St. Stephen's Square, the Castle Church before.
St. Stephen's full figure sculpture in 2001 . on August 20 inaugurated. The statue is 2.8 meters high, almost two meters of rock is shaped hill. Made of bronze. The sculpture artist Alexander Gyorfi Munkacsy and Mednyanszky winning sculptor. The bronze statue, a 1.8-meter rock hill in modeling. The rocks are placed on tables made of granite hill. The plaques of the sculptor Imre St. Stephen Prince wrote intelmeibol extracted carved details.

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