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Pest Megye
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By Air

Airports nearest to Szigetszentmiklos are sorted by the distance to the airport from the city centre.

Tokol Airport (distanced approximately 5.0 km)
Budapest Deli Railway Airport (distanced approximately 14 km)
Budapest Airport (distanced approximately 18 km)
Kecskemet Airport (distanced approximately 71 km)
Azentkilyszabadja Airport (distanced approximately 87 km)

By Train

The 6-inch suburban Budapest suburban railway line, which is the Csepel Island is connected to the larger settlements in the capital.The commuter train from Budapest slaughterhouse Rackeve and deposit services as Dunaharaszti and Tokol flies.The Budapest Transport Co.longest relationships of rail, which the public railway timetables in at number 252.

By Bus

The 38 bus Szigetszentmiklos Lakihegy mid-transport passengers.From 679's and 680's steering wheel to reach by bus downtown St. Nicholas Island.The 138 bus runs Lakihegy same as the 38's, but only in the Auchan is the store's access road and the garden city Haros affected.(Then the bus passes Budafok the M0 motorway.)

By Road

The M0 ring road (Ring Road) in both lehajtoja Csepel island is easily accessible from the village.Budapest and St. Nicholas Island connects two main roads which Csepel II.Rakoczi way to continue or unite.Csepel island settlements from the east and the west side of the island along the main roads passing through Szigetszentmiklos available in the capital.The Danube Rackeve Taksony it is possible to bridge to cross in the 510's main trails toward the lowland villages.

Key places to visit
Adam Eugene Memorial House, Region Historical Town Museum, Laki Mountain tower


Places to Visit

Adam Eugene Memorial House

The Local History Collection is located next to the Adam's Eugene Memorial House, which is the 1979th X 5, the museum opened its doors on visiting public.This house was the Kossuth Prize, Artist of Merit (1896-1982), who is 80 years old when he left all his birthplace.The porch, 120 years old, whitewashed house set out even his life the teacher's musical legacy, a permanent exhibition of furniture.Szigetszentmiklos estimated grandparent tute memory not only Memorial Building, street and music schools but also preserves the name of our city.Homeland Study The study circle members take care of his grave 14 years: from spring to late autumn, fresh flowers adorn the tomb of Sir unforgettable, where you often go on a pilgrimage to the music lovers.

Region Historical Town Museum

The region history materials were collected between 1961 and 1964, for the 700th anniversary of the settlement.Having seen the wanderful materials, the leaders of the village donated a house for maintaing the collection.The village museum was opened in 1st May 1965.In the following year we were given three classrooms in the school of Kekto.We were welcoming our visitors here for 19 years.The collection moved to its present home (150 years old peasant house) in summer 1985.The exhibition represents the 6 thousand years old history of the settlement.Stone tools of the pre-historian age, utensils from the bronze age, milling stones, small tombs and bone tools are exhibited.

Laki Mountain tower

The 314 meter high transmission tower Lakihegy 1933 's transfer from Hungary tallest.The cigar-shaped steel structure 284 feet high and at the top of the telescopic tube tuner adds another 30 meters in total height.The Laki Mountain Radio Transmitter is an industrial facility in Budapest, near St.Nicholas Island, a part of the city Lakihegy.Operation in 1928 and started in more or less breaks - up to 1977 up to the much more modern radio Solti commissioning work.2006 summer thoroughly renovated and re-installed.Currently, radio continues to reserve the Solti but the main power plant at night, day care providers to switch between broadcast signals.In addition the training of industrial alpinists use / used.

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