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Pest Megye
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By train

Szentendre is not on the state railway lines. The only train connection is the HEV, Budapest's suburban railway.

By bus

Buses leave daily from Budapest's Újpest-Városkapu bus station and take about 25-30 minutes to arrive. There are also direct bus connections from other towns on the Danube bend. Esztergom is about an hour and a half and Visegrád is about 45 minutes away.

By boat

From May to September you can reach Szentendre by riverboat every day from Budapest, Vigadó square or Batthyány square. In April and October boats are operated every saturday and sunday.

Key places to visit
Hungarian Open-Air Museum, Marzipan Museum, The Szombathely Art Gallery


Places to Visit

Hungarian Open-Air Museum

Hungarian Open-Air Museum is easily reached by bus from the Szentendre HEV station. This is a huge tract of land to which ancient buildings have been moved from all parts of the country. Small farm villages, mostly with thatched roofs, now dot the landscape, along with barns, outbuildings and even churches. Many are furnished inside. Buy the English guide book, some of the attendants are very knowledgeable but few speak English. You could spend a whole day there  and still have things left to see. There are many ongoing events offered, especially for families with children.

Marzipan Museum

Marzipan Museum is a colorful exhibit made entirely out of marzipan. One room is dedicated entirely to Hungarian artifacts: the turul monument in Tatabánya, the parliament in Budapest, the Hungarian Royal Crown, and busts and pictures of various kings, queens, and other famous Magyars. There is also a large collection of cartoon characters to delight children, musical memorabilia (including a live-sized Michael Jackson commemorating his first concert in Hungary), and even faux furniture and needlepoint. Afterward you can buy several custom-made candies in the shop.

The Szombathely Art Gallery

The Szombathely Art Gallery was opened in 1985. Its establishment was initiated by a foundation the successor of which has been supporting the activities, the library and the individual exhibitions of the - ever since, organizing also different programs.
Before it became an independent institution in 1995, the - had belonged to the museum network organization of the county. The Gallery is a museum collecting works of art nationwide. It organizes 15 to 20 temporary exhibitions, belonging, in this sense to the "Kunsthalle" type of institutions.

Right Time to Visit

June - September