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Szeged Megyei Varos
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How to Reach

By car

If you are flying to Hungary, you will most likely be arriving to the Ferihegy International Airport in Budapest and you will want to take the M5 highway South to Szeged. The M5 highway has just been completed (end of 2005) to reach Szeged, and it will take from about an hour and half to two hours to drive from the airport.
You will need to get a get a sticker for your car in order to drive on the highway, which you can buy at any gas station (ask for matrica).

By Train

It takes about 2 hours to travel by train from Budapest Nyugati to Szeged. These trains also stop at KA banya-Kispest, which is easily accessible from Ferihegy Airport, meaning it isn't necessary to travel into the centre of Budapest.

Key places to visit
Palais Reok, Klauzal ter, Ferenc Mora Museum, Castle Garden, St Demetrius Tower


Places to Visit

 Palais Reok

The finest art nouveau building in the town is the Palais Reok, built by the local Szeged architect Ede Magyar in 1906/07 for the water engineer Reök. This recently renovated building combines the superior elements of French and Hungarian art nouveau and its serene elegance is captivating. There are other fine examples of art nouveau houses (mostly residential and commercial properties) from around 1900 in the vicinity of the Palais Reök.

Klauzal ter

Klauzál tér is an intimate square by Szeged standards, with one of the best cafés (Café Virág) far and wide. Together with the Kárasz utca it is a popular pedestrian quarter and commercial center of the town. The balcony of the so-called Kárász House (Klauzál tér 5) is of particular significance to the people of Szeged. Lajos Kossuth gave his final speech in Hungary from here before going into exile.

Ferenc Mora Museum

During the reconstruction of Szeged the library at Roosevelt tér was built in Classical style with an ancient triangular gable on the main façade in keeping with its function as a place of education and science. Known as the cultural palace this building houses not only the municipal library but also the Ferenc Móra Museum, named after the popular writer and researcher of ancient history Ferenc Móra (1879-1934). He laid the foundations for the museum with his private collection of regional early and prehistory. In front of the building are statues of both the first directors of the museum, Ferenc Móra and István Tömörkény.

Castle Garden

North of Roosevelt tér by the Tisza the castle garden (Várkert) stands on the site of the castle built in 1246. After the floods the remaining walls of the castle were dismantled because they did not fit in with the new concept of the town. Only a square bastion remains. Since the restoration a museum and a lapidarium have been built using building material from the earlier castle. In the southeast corner of the castle garden there is a monument to Elisabeth ("Sissy"), Empress of Austria and Queen of Hungary, hewn from Carrara marble.

St Demetrius Tower

 This tower is of particular significance because it was the only medieval historical monument to survive the catastrophic floods of 1879. The lower, square part of the tower originates from the period when the first Demetrius church was built in the 12th C, the octagonal part of the tower was a 13th C addition. The tower, incorporated into a new building, only came to light in the 18th C with the redesigning of the cathedral square when the ruins of the Baroque cathedral were cleared. It was restored and rebuilt as a baptistery to a design by Béla Rerrich. In the tympanum of the porch a Romanesque relief (12th C) of the Agnus Dei was transferred from a church in the neighboring village of Kiskundorozsma, now incorporated into Szeged. The interior of the chapel is decorated with paintings with historical themes by Vilmos Aba-Novák (1894-1941).

In 1935 the Szeged watchmaker Ferenc Csúri completed the clock for the cathedral square. On the hour figures of well known statesmen, writers, former rectors and deacons of the university appear to the sounds of a tuneful melody.

Right Time to Visit

April - October