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Country: Ukraine
State: Sumy Oblast
City: Sumy
Type of Location: Multiple
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Places to Visit
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By Air

Sumy Airport (IATA: UMY, ICAO: UKHS) is a state-owned airport located in Sumy, Ukraine.It is capable of accepting international flights since December 8, 2006.As of Aug. 2008 there are no flights from the capital Kiev.

By Train

The railway station was opened in Sumy in 1877 year.Nowadays, besides the main station in Sumy, from which the long-distance passenger transport station is the Bass Station and Commodity.

By Trolleybus

Trolleybus motion of the award was launched 25 August 1967 year.As of early 2010, the network is 18 Sumy trolley tracks, which employ about 70 trolleys.Maintaining a network of Sumy trolebusiv organization - KP "Elektroavtotrans."Trolleybuses in Sumy - convenient and popular mode of transport because their routes cover almost the entire city.

By Taxi

Currently the award are 37 routes.On the routes operates more than 680 cars, driving taxis cover all city and its environs. The most used models of machines are BAZ 2215 (Dolphin) and Ruta.Also bus made regular intercity passenger transportation to: Kyiv, Kharkiv, Kremenchuk, Poltava, Dnepropetrovsk.

Key places to visit
Sumy drama theater of Schepkin, Sumy Theatre for Young People, Sumy Regional Museum, Sumy Art Museum, Museum AP Chekhov, Sumy Cathedral


Places to Visit

Sumy drama theater of Schepkin

is a Regional Drama Theatre in Sumy, home theater scene area.Sumy oblast theater of drama and musical comedy named after Schepkin contained in a special summary functional building ( 1980, architect. SP Blind Man) and is centrally located at: Sq. Theatre, 1, Sumy, Ukraine.Auditorium designed for 950 seats.Home decoration foyer porcelain panels "Birds of happiness", made by artists Sumy Porcelain Factory which exists in Sumy in 1965 year.Sumy drama and musical comedy was founded in Lubny 1933 on the basis of Kharkov mobile workers and kolkhoz theater.In 1939 he together with the creation of Sumy oblast theater was moved to Sum.He began work at the former theater DM Korepanova.Then at the suggestion of the then chief director Domiana Ivanovich Kozachkivskoho theater given the name of the great Russian actor Mikhail S. Shchepkin.Thus the theater was named Sumy Ukrainian Music and Drama Theatre. MS Shchepkin.Sumy Drama and Musical Comedy. Shchepkin exists in the theatrical space of 70 years, has deep roots and great theatrical tradition.The team works closely with the theater Sumy media through which constantly illuminates the drama of life, creative meetings with actors and theater management.

Sumy Theatre for Young People

is a Regional Theatre for Young People in the city of Sumy.Theatre located in the center of the city of Sumy on the street. Intercession, 6, Sumy, 40030, Ukraine.Two-story building, built in the style of Art Nouveau.edge theater oriented to the street.The facade is divided into three parts.The central part of the second floor has a semicircular appearance with long windows.Side parts are on a large arch opening.Lobby first floor has a large rectangular doors and narrow windows.On the roof of the house is an open terrace.Sumy Theater Children and Young People was established in 1975 as the year Sumy Oblast Puppet Theatre.Sumy theater for children and youth participated in many festivals of Puppet Theater and Young People, held in Ukraine and abroad.So at the Third Festival of Puppet in Lutsk performance group "The Frog Princess" (N. Herneta) won first place.The creative team of the theater a lot and giving concerts.Each year, Sumy Theatre for Young Audiences performs setting 6.7 plays, both for children and adult viewers.

Sumy Regional Museum

is a Regional Historical Museum in Sumy, the largest gathering of materials and documents on the history, ethnography, archeology and nature of Sumy region.The museum is located at: Amounts Kirov street, 2.Sumy Regional Museum was established in 1920 year as artistic and historical.Founder and first director of the institution was a Ukrainian painter, poet and social activist N. Onatsky.In 1939, the structure of the Kunsthistorisches Museum were separated materials of archaeological, ethnographic and natural collections to a newly established museum, art collection remains the same in Sumy Art Museum.Since 1972, the museum institution to one of the most beautiful buildings in the city - at the former city council (of history and architecture of the nineteenth century).Besides the main exhibits in the Sumy Museum has departments of house-museum of Anton Chekhov as in the regional center and museum.Tchaikovsky in the village bottoms of Sumy region.In an operating subsidiaries Okhtyrka and Putivl museum.

Sumy Art Museum

the museum is named Nicanor Onatskyy, based Ukrainian politician Eugene Onatskyy 1920, the in Sumy on the basis of nationalized private collections.The best part of the museum's collection was a collection of O. Jansen.Last name is sometimes written as Hansen.He a rich person from the city of Kyiv, where he began collecting works of art. Oscar H. was a very successful collector and by 1913 had:about 600 pictures, library of more than 2,000 copies, about 1,000 samples of faience products, porcelain (including porcelain manufactory Volokytynskoyi) and About 300 specimens of old furniture.Although the collection had a significant number of big names in the art, its artistic value has steadily increased. Collection AG Jansen tended to universality, advantageously distinguished her in the midst of other art collections bourgeois Kyiv on the eve of the 1st World War.Terrible events of the 1st World War and the desire to preserve a collection inspired owner to remove the collection of amounts where his mother lived.The territorial divide is also a collection of hostilities on the western borders of the Russian Empire. Removal of the collection of amounts actually worked for its preservation, but not delivered during the nationalization of the Bolsheviks after 1920.

Museum AP Chekhov

is a Museum of Russian writer Anton Chekhov ( one thousand eight hundred and sixty - in 1904 ) in Sumy (District Luke), the former family estate Lyntvarovyh where in the period from 1888 to 1889 he living writer.The author of the project believe the estate of Kharkov province architect P. Yaroslavsky.The main house is a typical representative of the "Noble Nest» XVIII - XIX centuries. On the facade, between the lateral projections, there is an open terrace, on the other side of the house - a small balcony.One of the outbuildings house a wooden, one-story.Premises rozrahovuvalosya five rooms and a hallway.The entrance is surrounded on the sides shistmoma columns, which is also traditional for such facilities. Between the two middle columns attached to the input vestibule, above which is a pediment triangular shape .Another brick outhouse, three-story. Bashtovydna structure with a high cap and the two main floors.The main house is an architectural style classicism .House-Museum opened to the 100th anniversary of the birth of great Russian writer January 29 1960 year. Back in the 1950s was installed a marble plaque on which was placed the inscription: "In this house in 1888-1889 he lived and worked great Russian writer Anton Pavlovich Chekhov."

Sumy Cathedral

is a Orthodox Cathedral ( UOC-KP ) in Sumy, the first stone city; tryzrubna, three dome, two-story church, which is an excellent example of Cossack Baroque.An authentic look of Resurrection Church has not survived and the modern look of the house came as a result of numerous rearrangements and restorations - the last significant - for the USSR in the 70s of XX century, as at present carried out some remedial work.Resurrection Church - tryzrubna, three dome building that belongs to a particularly valuable type of house, which harmoniously combines traditional techniques and features wooden and stone Ukrainian architecture.The church was not only holy abode, but also defensive structures, as evidenced by extremely rough walls (their thickness reaches 1.5 m) and deeply embedded window. Large basement had underground passages to the river Psel.Bell Tower of the temple was built in 1906 in the style of the Baroque (neobaroko).Resurrection Church was built in late XVII - early XVIII centuries at the expense of the first Sumy colonels Gerasim and Andrey Kondratiev. Church consecration took place in 1702 year - the date traditionally considered the year of construction of the church.Resurrection Church was the first stone house of the city of Sumy.

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