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By Air

Airports nearest to Steinkjer are sorted by the distance to the airport from the city centre.

Namsos Airport (distanced approximately 50 km)
Belburn Airport (distanced approximately 54 km)
Trondheim/vaerne Airport (distanced approximately 68 km)
Rorvik Ryum Airport (distanced approximately 92 km)
Orland Airport (distanced approximately 99 km)

By Train

The municipality is situated along the Nordlandsbanen railway line from Trondheim and is served by Steinkjer Station and Sparbu Station.

By Road

Steinkjer lies about 120 kilometres (75 mi) by road north of the city of Trondheim along the European route E6 highway.The Sneppen Bridge is part of the E6 in the town of Steinkjer, crossing the river Byaelva.Norwegian County Road 17 begins in Steinkjer and heads north.This highway is often referred to as the Coastal highway whereas the E6 runs to the north but further inland.

Key places to visit
Maere Church, Bolareinen, Steinkjer Festival, Viking festival, Risrock


Places to Visit

Maere Church

Maere Church is a medieval stone church built between 1150 and 1200 in the village Maere in Steinkjer municipality in Nord-Trondelag.Access to the site is via Fv258 and E6.The church is situated on the western edge of the mound Maere.It is built in two stages the choir and some of the ship first and this part has a contoured base that is lacking in the rest of the church building.Comparisons of the excavation plan shows that the wooden choir of stone is built around wooden church while it was still in use.After this, the wooden church demolished and the stone church building.The church nave with an open roof structures with spot beams with carved masks.Dendrochronological studies show that the timber used in the roof is cut in winter 1198-1199.


Bolareinen is the subject of a rock carving in Stood in Steinkjer municipality along Highway 763, a few hundred meters to Snasavatnet.Carvings, which were identified from 1842 to 2001 includes a reindeer, a bear, a sea bird and a skier.The carvings are indications respectively dated to 3-4000 years BC and it is believed that the place at that time was on the front line of the Trondheim fjord's inner part.Because of isostatic uplift is Snasavatnet no longer part of the Trondheim Fjord.

Steinkjer Festival

Steinkjer Festival in Steinkjer, Nord-Trondelag was first held on 18 to 19 august 2006.In addition, organized Steinkjer City punk rock concert by the band Toy Dolls on 17 August in cooperation with Steinkjer Festival.Scenes used: rice flour as a main stage, Students, Market and Steinkjer Church.Steinkjer festival's slogan is "Total Festival in mid-Norway," and has an objective to cover a wide range of artistic expressions.The festival was started with a three year trial period from 2006 to 2008.Continuation of the festival was not decided until late in 2008 after Steinkjer decided to increase support to the festival.The festival was in the first three years held in late August after Steinkjer Martnan.In 2009 the festival was moved to the end of June, a week after The Great Coffee Lab slide.

Viking festival

Viking festival in the Egg is an annual event at the old egg farm in Steinkjer municipality in Nord-Trondelag.Egge was in historical times a chief seat of the St.Olaf men's court lived.Banemenne who led the way was Tore Hund and Veal Arnason.Behind them stood the mighty woman Sigrid Tore's daughter.Viking festival attracts visitors Vikings showing crafts and live like Vikings.The story passed on through entertainment, fun activities for children, children game Silkeskjegg, evening banquet, battle scenes, lectures and exhibitions.


Risrock is a rock festival held annually in Steinkjer.It has previously been held under Steinkjer Martnan but has lately been laid off.The festival was first held in 1986 when five local bands performed.After a few years the festival disappeared, but reappeared in 1997 and since then has been held every year with related events at other times of the year.The festival is considered to be an important exposure arena for local bands.

Right Time to Visit

June - October