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Sopron Church

Sopron Megyei Varos
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By plane

Nearest international airports are Vienna (65 km) andBratislava (100 km).

By car

From Vienna, Austria on A2 until the Traiskirchen intersection, then on A3 until the Eisenstadt intersection, and on B16 to Sopron.

By train

Connected to Vienna by suburban trains every hour, departure from Wien Meidling at xx:38. Travel takes 70 minutes. Actually, Sopron is located within the Vienna regional tariff union, so if you have a ticket or travelcard covering the entire network, you can use it to travel to Sopron (but not other Hungarian towns served by suburban trains).

Key places to visit
The Goat Church, St. George's Church, St. Michael's Church, Sopron Lutheran Church


Places to Visit

The Goat Church

The Goat Church in Sopron, the south side of Main Square. The Franciscan monks in their monastery in the center was first built in 1280 and around St. Margitai carved stone erected their church, the Hungarian early Gothic architecture, one of the greatest masterpieces. Hajoboltozata and organ loft on 15th century, built in the middle; equipment Baroque .

St. George's Church

In Sopron, Szent Gyorgy -Gothic church with a nave interior of 1676 after the fire was transformed into several steps a lancet lezarasu nave and side chapels decorated with rich stucco framed in a row.
Between 1380-1430 was originally in Gothic style was built. Vivid, Italianate facade of the 17th century origin, but it has retained its two Gothic reliefs. Somewhat in the 1760s also transformed. Eclectic tower of 1882 was raised.

St. Michael's Church

The Church of St. Michael in Sopron at the earliest parish church. In the early Middle Ages, the customs of the cemetery were constructed and the fortified city wall is out.The St. Michael's original church dedicated to the 13th century Romanesque style was built, and the 15th century gotikussarebuilt. Today the figure of the 19th century reconstruction of neo-formed. 15th century sculpture, mural paintings also possible.
The west facade tower rising prominently the lower end of the Middle Ages, but the entrance to the 19th frame and excess bowel century, as the upper level is a large stone-arched windows and lattice and kocsipkés, wrap-around balcony. The ship also buttresses Middle Ages.
The church is harmonious, but built in different centuries, details vary ulofulkek and neo-gothic arches. Aa nave pillars and decorative brackets on the medieval master praised his knowledge, but they paint the 19th century

Sopron Lutheran Church

The Sopron Lutheran Church in downtown , in the middle of Church Street and Abbey Street and the John Bunker Rajnard estuary close to the public. The third largest Hungarian Lutheran Church , the Transdanubian evangelikussag one of the great center
Lutheran Church in Sopron in the first tree in 1676 was built, but this is a great Sopron fire victims. 1677 - 1722 was up to the second wooden church. The church is the third church stone church was one thousand seven hundred and twenty-two - 1,782 stood up. All three of today's church stood in the place.
1781 in II. Joseph imperial grace of regulation under 1782 to 1783 has been approved by the end of the fourth emperor, present church building. True, the church building could not be a street-front, before it was originally a vicarage, in the rear wall of the old city walls have been in contact. Another criterion was that the Protestant church, the tower could not be beautiful today, blunt domed tower about a hundred years later, 1,862 - 1 863 was built.

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