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Sopron Megyei Varos
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Places to Visit
How to Reach

By plane

Nearest international airports are Vienna (65 km) andBratislava (100 km).

By car

From Vienna, Austria on A2 until the Traiskirchen intersection, then on A3 until the Eisenstadt intersection, and on B16 to Sopron.

By train

Connected to Vienna by suburban trains every hour, departure from Wien Meidling at xx:38. Travel takes 70 minutes. Actually, Sopron is located within the Vienna regional tariff union, so if you have a ticket or travelcard covering the entire network, you can use it to travel to Sopron (but not other Hungarian towns served by suburban trains).

Key places to visit
Tarodi Castle, Pharmacy Museum, Esterhazy Palace, Fire Tower, City Hall


Places to Visit

Tarodi Castle

The Sopronbanfalva in a Hungarian castle Tarodi vízionalis architecture , and probably most famous creation. And about the name of building owner, Stephen Tarodi received. Envious of the locals and the tabloid press is sometimes referred to as a gimmicky Bolondvar. The Tarodi castle builder, id. Tarodi Stephen was born in 1925 and in February 2010, 85, died. His tomb in the cemetery of St. Michael in Sopron

Pharmacy Museum

The Pharmacy Museum of Sopron in a protected monument. II. Louis during the reign of the city council wanted to demolish the house, the people do not want this. Next they went straight into the king and the king forbade the demolition.
Then doctors lived in the house, and held here in the Black Elephant Pharmacy furniture of the museum. I still work as a pharmacy museum

Esterhazy Palace

The Esterhazy two Sopron palace was built on medieval foundations, early Baroque style, the 17th century . Stories between 1972-1977, more or less the architecture of historical research has revealed.
Three rooms were built around 1780 late baroque ornamental painting can be seen.
Fire Tower

The 58 meter tall fire tower in Sopron Sopron city's main symbol. Originally, the city tower was lower, rectangular portion of the Gothic style between 1290 and 1340 probably Roman gate tower was built in other reviews that the fund is Arpad . In the late 1960s, the Tower and found conserved in the northern port city of Roman remains. You can also see a XIII-XVII. century wine cellar.
The 13th century, the Fire Tower was the city's northern gate tower walls. The lower portion huge, round, plain edifice erected 14 15th Century Gothic windows. Körüljároja Renaissance arcades of the city served as monitor. Short and narrow réztető eight pages will be in the tower, the corners are distorted Ionic pillars will be half over. Four of the eight pages is to dial 1735 Series include the year, and over a semi-circular stone window frame.

City Hall

The main square is now known as Square 1497 City Hall has been stood. The town hall, of course, was smaller than it is today. It also has two other buildings stood. The old Town Hall, about 400 years to see public officials. Like many other buildings, in 1676 , a fire in this building is significantly damaged. But after a while the building is small. And then the city's management decided to build a new city hall. This decision is also still debated, since the construction is substantially transformed in the atmosphere of the Main Square. The financial year of the millennium after the foundations were built in the town hall. The inauguration of the building is interesting that the country was a unique event in that city a new city hall to celebrate the inauguration of the millennium. The French Renaissance-style building.


Right Time to Visit

May - July